Jill Scott

I really enjoyed this interview with one of my favorite artist. Its nice to see someone you like a as an artist just talk. She discusses her movie career, not fitting the mold, and constantly changing/ growing with the music.

Follow up to the the Beyonce release

I was sitting watching some of the preview videos from beyonce’s random release, and came to the conclusion, that this was one of the most inventive branding statements done today. Slapping people in the face with no warning was a genius move.
BECAUSE Queen B is the machine that she is….there wasn’t a better move she could have pulled to keep her fans on edge.
Moves like this is how you stay on top. Kuto’s to the B!

Amazing Artists You don’t really hear about (Heres 1)

So, It was causal friday, I was browsing the internet, and I came across this amazing artist and band called Snarky Puppy, feat. Lalah Hathaway -(song name) Something !!
Then I thought (WOW) why don’t Artist like these ever get radio play!!!
Is it because of looks? Music is to complex for the average listener, or is the music to urban or soulful to be enjoyed by the masses…..WHat ever the case may be! this video features an extremely talented artist ( who can do things with here voice, some singer dream was possible!) And a band that infuses classic jazz flavor with the new sound of today!…(Take a listen)

Keep’in it real

Nelly explains, the need of a record label vs. No need of record label.
I found this video very interesting because of the break down nelly discusses.
He goes through his thoughts on 360 deals.
Take a look.

Please Note: Ignore the last bit of the video, its extremely vulgar.