Upcomers at the Grammys

This years Grammy has a handful of up and comers who have been working hard for decades trying to make a name for themselves in music.  My Morning Jacket a great southern rock band from Louisville, KY has been working hard at their career since the late 90’s and over 20 years later are finally up for a nomination.  Their album the waterfall is a continuation of their bridge between southern rock and psychedelic music.  They have stiff competition with the Alabama Shakes who has two separate nominations on two separate records.

This years nominees in the Alternative category seem to be filled with up and comers who have been working around the clock for many years trying to build a reputation.  Tame Impala has been playing for years around the Australian circuit in a number of bands before finally achieving success and Wilco another southern rock band has been around since the nineties.

Florence + the Machine has also been nominated after 10 years of hard work behind the wheel having great success in the UK and three Grammy nominations preceding the four they have pending this year.  Certainly looks like it will be a good year for rock music in the upcoming Grammy’s with James Bay, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Alabama Shakes, MMJ, Tame Impala, Taylor Swift, and Pink Floyd all having nominations.

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