Some studio evidence… Nayvia!

This is some footage from the recording session we had last Sunday in Berklee Valencia studios. You can appreciate the highlights of that day. I’m currently working with some pics I made for Nayvia. Also, I officially invite you to follow my artist on Facebook! We launched it around one week ago:

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Shortly the photo session.

Nayvia’s recording session at Berklee!

Finally we got to makIMG_5108e the recording of the song Jon composed for Nayvia. I was kind of nervous because this was her first experience in a studio. Actually now that we have had the session I’m very pleased and surprised. There was a point in the session that I actually experienced something really refreshing… I was in the middle of a creative process between my artist and the producer/composer.

I guess this is one of the rewards of working with artist, watching them enjoy what they are doing and rocking while doing it. I’m very happy that in a very busy week I managed to be part of this moment. Nayvia did great even when she had a sore throat. While she was singing I could see her feet dancing.

About this “happy feet” moments, I noticed she does that even whIMG_5102en rehearsing. At the beginning my perception was that she was showing anxiety, nervousness and even I tried to convince Nayvia she was being distracting. Now I realize it is part of her personality as a performer and I’ll supervise the public reaction of it.

Jon told me he was going to mix it and do the master of it as soon as possible. I hope he could have an advance before this week ends to share it with you and my partners in class. Back there in the studio, it was already sounding great. I can’t imagine what Jon will do with the files.

Raw talent… not as easy as it sounds.

This couple of weeks have been really hard for me and my artist. Talking a little bit about myself, well, I’m in a middle of final examinations in my Master. But it’s being particularly difficult for my artist.

As you may or may not know, Rosa, or Nayvia (her artistic name) is an incredible girl with an extraordinary voice that captured my and a composer’s attention. Till this point it’s being a pleasure to see how my professional input have made a difference in her life. John O’Hara always tells me how she surprises him with each rehearse, but I also realize how Nayvia’s inexperience in the field also transforms into my own problem.

Since she it’s not the only artist I’m currently representing I am able to compare what’s been the experience with one or the other. In a first impression, experienced artists know what they have to do, they know for sure whats their input into the equation, but sometimes I feel I need to remind my artist to do the basic tasks a singer like her must do (as rehearsing constantly).

Keep her motivated also it’s being quite difficult and I can totally understand that. Sometimes I feel like I have failed to let her realize that what’s going on it’s a huge opportunity. Does she know’s it is? I mean, it’s not because I’m the best manager of the world but, I brought Berklee in her life.

A lot of people have recognized her talent. Every time she performs somewhere, even if it’s an informal thing, people show her respect and admiration. I guess the lack of “hunger” its out of the managers hands. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a little stressed.

Developing talent in inexperienced people is not an easy job, but I’ll keep working with her to figure out what’s the best approach to this type of innate musicians.

Raw talent first performance

I’ve been representing Nayvia for some months now. She’s a talented girl that never took any sort of voice education but still can do what you can see in the video of this post.

It’s a very special and satisfactory challenge that actually demands more patience than it usually needs. It’s special because you’re building an artist from scratch, you’re trying to let the new talent learn a ton of new things, learn how to communicate with musicians that actually have been in the business for a while. It’s a constant struggle with simple but huge insecurities and interests.

It’s satisfactory, because every step Nayvia takes, don’t matter how big it is, it feels like it’s being a huge one. Jon O’Hara and myself are always having our jaw dropped when we hear her during rehearsal. Every time she sings I can see how she gets more and more convinced that maybe her voice it’s her biggest asset, I can see her dancing while practicing her song and having a dumb smile that she can not contain.

Jon O’Hara, just finished Nayvia’s first song, they have been rehearsing and working on its details. In less than a month they will be recording it in a professional studio with some professional artist and professional sound engineers. I’m not sure if she realizes how big is this recording going to be. Jon and myself are convincing some artists from Berklee to get involved in this project and we are getting good response so this dream is about to come true.

Next step it’s making a photo shoot to Nayvia so hopefully next time you read something from me, you’ll see a beautiful picture of her in the post.

Raw talent with professional artist

Nayvia, raw talent in Valencia

Jon and Nayvia rehearsing their song.

It’s very interesting how things are developing so fast. Yesterday, Nayvia and myself met one more time with Jon O’Hara.

A couple months ago, I told Jon I wanted him to meet with a talented girl I was representing, and now they are working in a brand new song tailored to my artists qualities and strengths.

I enjoyed a lot watching this talented guys having such a great time singing together. There’s no doubt music is an universal language.

I’ve noticed a great progress with Nayvia in terms of confidence, voice and attitude. It hasn’t been easy for all of us, particularly to her. Sometimes I notice she gets quite overwhelmed and insecure about her capabilities. It must be shocking to see how people fall in love with things you took for granted of yourself, in Nayvia’s case, that was her voice.

Turning raw talent into professional artist – 2

It’s been a while, sorry about that but my artist and myself have been very busy rehearsing and meeting with cool people who has faith in the project.

In this video, you’ll see Nayvia meeting Jon O’Hara, a great composer and student at Berklee College of Music in Valencia. Jon it’s preparing an amazing surprise for my artist and her small but supportive fan base.

You’ll know more about this really soon!

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– Oscar E. Tecuanhuey

Turning talented people into professional artists

I present to you, one very unique and incredibly talented valencian girl! I’ve been working as her manager and we are committed to make some serious progress.

During my participation in this blog I’ll be updating the steps my artist and I are going to make in the local music industry. We’ll use self produced videos and some other posting formats. My goal through sharing this experience is to make you fall in love with this singer and to generate knowledge on how to build an artistic career from scratch.
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