My Favourite Chinese Band – Mayday

For my last post, I wanted to introduce my favourite Chinese rock band, Mayday!! They are not only singer but also song composer and producer and they are hugely influential in M-pop (Mandarin Pop) by using their music to inspire their audience.

It is a Taiwanese alternative rock band that was formed in the late 1990s with five members.They are popular for their student band roots, and their ability in capturing the zeitgeist of Taiwanese youth in the mid to late 1990s. They are often cited as one of the pioneers of rock music in Taiwan.Mayday has made no secret of its admiration of the Beatles whom they cite as influencing their ideals of rock music. [ Introduction of Mayday]

They have been the third artist but the first Chinese artist to stage a concert at Google’s headquarters in San Francisco at 29 November 2012. The concert was streamed live on youtube for an hour and over 50,000 fans tuned in to watch their amazing performance. To date, their concert has also achieved over 300,000 hits on YouTube!

For me, their songs are meaningful, touching, sincerity, and inspiring, it seems like they’re speaking to you because we can relate the lyric and emotion of the song to personal experience. I have been inspired and encouraged by not only their songs but also their story of never easily give up their dream, keep pursuing it by putting effort and it will come true.

Mayday expressed that they would bring the glory of Chinese music around the world and I believe it because they has proved me through their past experience.


Would the fee structure of pay + free per download succeed in China?!

Since people in China have started to use Internet, music is free and legal to download from website such as Baidu and QQ music, however, that may be changing.

According to Jian, Lu, CEO of an independent record label company in China, the main record label companies such as Universal and Warner will alliance with those music download websites such as QQ music, Baidu and Kugoo and supported by the government to carry out new fee structure in 2013 so the internet user could pay for the music, though user only pay for the high quality music but free to download low quality music.

Based on the Internet survey, 80% of users in China refuse to pay for the music as they used to download music for free, yet record label companies prefer user to pay for listening to the song from the website so it is possible that the new fee structure, the combination of pay + free download music structure model will be accepted by user.

However, the record label companies are still negotiating with those websites about the free download part so it is hard to know that whether this alliance will succeed.

From my point of view, although China government is supporting the pay + free fee structure but if they do not modify the copyright regulation that could guarantee musician and record label company to get the right amount of royalties from their music, more commercial music will be produced and people would not pay for the song that is not sincerity and inspire them.


New trend in China, V-pop?!

Recently, Vietnam band- HKT made a cover of a Maydays’ song but sang in Vietnamese called “错错错” had successfully replaced the song “Gangnam Style” by Korean singer PSY. They created a buzz at China biggest social network- Weibo (3 billion users) due to their weird hairstyle and been well known in China just within a week after they sign up the Weibo and posted their music video on it.

(Cover Mayday song “错错错“)

HKT, formed by three 90’s late young mans and had released 5 albums within 6 years in Vietnam. Although some of their songs has been on Vietnam chart but been criticized by local as “shitty music”.  However, they realized that China is a big market so they utilized the power of the social network (Weibo) by weird hairstyle in those music video that they covered other famous Asian artists songs and been insanely reposted by Weibo user for their friend to make fun on it. They successfully became the top search term at every Chinese website such as Baidu, Weibo, QQ and the hot topic of many forums, and became the new trend in China.

I still remember my China friend came and visited me last week, she suddenly mentioned about this band during one of our conversations and asked me to watch it through weibo because she thought those guys were crazy, weird and funny. How powerful was the word of mouth through social network, could leads a band or people been well known in a short period of time.

My conclusion is, if you want to enter China market, why don’t create a topic by become weird or acted weird so you could get Chinese people attention immediately and become well known then you could started to promote your own music to the audience in China such as HTK turn into normal looks after they had created the trend. However, you still needed luck and good timing such as some famous artist in Weibo repost your video. Anyway, Good Luck~

(Their current Korea Style)


No more copyright in China?!

The main six revenue streams of record label and the copyright collective society in China are from website such as baidu or sogou, Karaoke such as Redbox or neway, Telecommunication Company, broadcasting, background music used by commercial center and from the live performance. However, record label and the copyright collective society still suffer for not getting a full amount of copyright fee due to the incomplete regulation and system and this depressed the talented music composer to compose music.

This April, China had announced the draft resolution for amended the copyright regulation yet triggered the music industry. Numerous music composers in China had disputed about the regulations, one of the contentions is No.48 regulation: “ After three months the record been launched, every music producer could applied the creation on their own record without the permission of the original composer.” So that means the copyright will flows into the public domain!!!

If the government of China amended the regulation according to the draft resolution, I assumed the music industry in China would gradually dead because no composer would willing to compose if their music could not be respect by people and talent drain would become an issue in the music industry too!!!



Chinese Old Gramophone Record is the next potential niche market in China?!

Estimated 25,000 CNY to 35,000 CNY (3134-4400 Euro) for 20 Vinyl Records of Teresa Teng (Famous singer at the late of 70’s till 80’s in Asia, even now she is still very famous)

HuaChen Auctions Company had held their 2012 autumn auctions at Dec 13, Beijing. One of the auction sessions was Chinese Old Gramophone Record in 20th Century, which included a thousand of Chinese Old Gramophone Records that launched from the late of Qing till the 80’s. Nearly half of the record had been sold and the highest bargain price, (57500 CNY) 7225 Euro was record that launched at the late of Qing century.

A decade before, people in China did not paid attention on the Vinyl record but according to HuaChen Auctions Company, Chinese Old Gramophone Record is a new and potential market that need to be develop and now is a good timing to collect them as the price still reasonable. They believed the value of the record would increase at future.

From my perspective, I believed that the Chinese old gramophone record would become a trend in a niche market, as not only Chinese but also others would love to collect Chinese rare antique. By the way, Chinese people are nostalgic, and like things that could recall their reminiscence, as reminiscence is something you cannot use money to buy back. This is the reason why Chinese people willing to purchase the old gramophone record that awakened reminiscence of their youth and those potential consumer had economic capability to afford the price.




2012 Rainbow Bay Festival goes Rock “n” Roll

“If I quit rock “n” roll, would you still love me?”  – Theme for the second annual Rainbow Bay Festival (2012). The aim of this year is about encourage rock bands not to give up their rock & roll dream and educated audience what is rock & roll !!!

“It is very hard to keep a rock band going — I discovered this from experience. There’s turnover one day, income issues the next. So we really want to encourage rock bands to stick it through to the end and do that thing they want to do,” said festival coordinator Lee Ming-chih (李明智) of Da Da Arts Promotion (大大娛樂).

According to TraNews, Rainbow Bay Festival is the grandest music festival in Asia 2012 that held in Kaohsiung , Taiwan, a two-day outdoor mega-concert at 27,28/10/2012. To build up lively atmosphere, the organizer has used 1200 of mirrors to make the biggest mirror ball. The mirror ball will be above the surface of Love River 10m. Strong beams will transmit from different aspects and reflect on the mirror ball. By then, the harbor will be the brightest spot all over Taiwan.

The mayor of Kaohsiung would like to promote not only Kaohsiung but also the abilities of Taiwan musician to the world and it success as this year, there are about 60 artists (include indie artist and bands) and estimated 32,000 people participated in the festival 2012, which include 52 concerts, 9 lectures and fair.

Every year, there will have different theme so the festival not only limited for a particular type of music. For instance, the theme for 2011 is about “creation” of musician work and invited 9mm Parabellum Bullet (band from Japan) be one of the guest. Beside the local artist or band, Sratch Bandits Crew (France DJ band) had also performed and provided a talk/ seminar to audience this year so this is a festival not only for music lover to enjoy music but also a educational festival for people to learn about music and enjoy music!! By the way , it also provide a stage for  indie artist or band to have opportunities to build their fan base and increase reputation!!!

I believed more artist around the world will be invited to participate in this festival at the following years to attract more people listen to music. The city government aimed to inspire talented people to go into the music industry and increased the participation of people in the pop music festival.



Google Plus as a Marketing Tools for artist management

Mayday official on Google Plus had announced a very exciting news for their fans (included me!!!) that they are having a live performance at Google main office at California, USA and an activity ” Mayday takes you to Google”been organised for only Google Plus user will have the chance to win the flight ticket to USA through posting the creative photo. In the description of youtube, there is a good introduction for my favorite rock band- Mayday and the reason why they are famous!!!

After seeing the success of facebook platform, Google intend to create their own social network. After the failure of launching Open Social, they had launched Google Plus at 28th June 2011 and seems like they operated it pretty well by using the strong marketing strategy – collaborated with artist in different region that have huge fan base to become the spokesman of google plus by targeting their fan as potential google plus user and artist can get more benefit from managing the personal official website by interacting more potential fan from Google Plus user and increase reputation through worldwide, which creates a win-win strategy!!

For instance, in Taiwan, Mayday is the main spokesman who have an enormous fan database around the world and i am one of them that been attracted to join Google Plus. For fans, is not only about getting the latest information of the band but also the sense of achievement that we could do something for our favourite band. For instance,the official Google Plus of Mayday had announced that when the followers of Mayday Official Google Plus website had exceed 120,000, google will selected a fans and sponsor them to go USA with Mayday for their live performance in Google main office which is the activities i mentioned above; exceed 200,000 then Mayday will invited 9 fans from Google Plus and having a video chat gathering with them through Google Plus function- hangouts. This again created a win-win strategies by leads user familiar to the google plus function and also artist is building relationship with their fans.

As Vic Gundotra, the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Google, had announced a new milestone for Google+: 400 million registered users and 100 million monthly active users at 17th September 2012. Google Plus might have the potential to become the next Facebook or beyond it through their multi function and artist will do the tutorial for those function that create buzz!!! The amount of user may still increased and as the success story of artist get benefit from Google Plus such as Mayday, many artist can build their fan database might follow this marketing strategy path by building their own Google Plus Artist page. There are two website that provide good explanation that why google plus is a good marketing tools for artist and how to build the Google Plus artist page:


If anyone interested in Mayday, i have lots of information to provide!


Kenting Music Festival- Spring Scream

Once a year, an epic adventure of art and audio aspiration hits the island and drags everyone to the Kenting Light house for amazing vacation of music and arts and life.

The music festival will be detailedly introduced at the below statement, participants of this major event are not restricted by age or ethnicity. Music lovers fly halfway across the globe just to support local performers in Taiwan. Music bands take advantage of this opportunity to release, promote and exchange their works, and at the same time exhibit their individual styles and affluent creativity. Each year, the organizers invite many foreign composers and independent bands in Taiwan to perform. Artists may also register to perform at the event, making the Spring Scream Festival more universal, diverse and radiant.

Since the first Spring Scream in 1995 up until today, 17 years have passed, making this the longest running major music festival in the history of Taiwan.  Spring Scream is also the largest scale and most widely known international music and arts festival in Taiwan, setting new records time and time again.  With over 200 domestic and international bands performing over the course of a 4 day festival, to this day no one else can compete.  Spring Scream’s roots are planted deep in the heart of Taiwan, and it is praised as an established cultural asset to the region.
Innovation promotes diversity in the local creative music and performance arts scene.
Through support and encouragement, an opportunity to perform and participate, and through independent promotion and a mutual exchange of ideas, Taiwan’s local performers, bands, artists, and a multitude of dedicated fans are challenged to expose their abundant creativity, utilizing the festival to let themselves shine.
Competitions are hosted by the festival for short films, art films, documentaries, and animation. There is a stage dedicated to the broadcasting of music or art films, short films and animations. Various arts and crafts booths are set up for installation art, graffiti, action art, and handcraft market, as well as booths for self-created brands, food and cuisine, sports and leisure, self-designed clothing, handmade products, creative markets, and custom art clothing.

These ideas originate from the event’s founders and their love for art and music. Not only does the event provide a stage for local music bands and artists to perform, many foreign individuals and bands are also given the opportunity to participate in this arts and music feast. Furthermore, music enthusiasts are exposed to a wide range of music genres. This unique southern Taiwan music hall attracts thousands of people each year.

Music lovers from all corners of the earth, embrace the natural environment, share, support each other, create harmony in the surrounding community, encourage and engage in environmental protection, protect those less fortunate and support women and children rights groups, care for homeless animals, and show compassion for community public welfare movements!

[  Origin ]

Spring Scream started small in 1995 by Wade and Jimi… “It’s just gotten bigger and better.”  Last year of the Rabbit 2011 should see over 200 performers on 7 stages.  Emphasis is on music, but we strive to make it a place where art meets life and artists live together in nature for a couple days.If we could go back in time to 1995, Kenting was still a simple and innocent place.  It was the 6th year of the Golden Melody Awards, the best male singer was Jonny Yin, best female singer was Stella.  The best Taiwanese singer was Jacky Wu.Back then, Taiwanese society thought the words “independent band” sounded strange, and had no idea what a “music festival” was.

By 1999, the number of bands applying to play at Spring Scream had increased to over 100 bands.  Nearby restaurants had unlimited business, and other separate festivals using the same name started popping up.  You could say, people started to get mixed up about which was the original Spring Scream Music festival.

Any Berklee Student or their band wanna participate on it?! Just book a ticket to Taiwan for Spring 2013!


Marketing tools- Band of the day apps

After introducing a website to produce your own artist apps, this is an apps that could be used for independent artist as another marketing tool to gain their fans database and exposure!!!

Description of Band of the day: Band Of the Day is the world’s first daily music magazine built solely for mobile devices. Surpassing traditional music magazines, Band of the Day delivers a new artist or band every single day through expert curation and engaging reviews, as well as full streams of the artist’s top songs, videos, photographs and more. A new band in your pocket, everyday. Listen, Discover, Share.

I like the concept of the apps that gives every artist an opportunities and a platform to show out their talent on music, manager or artist themselves can choose this as one of the marketing tool to promote and expose themselves to the audience. By the way, this apps will also help artist manager or record company to explore potential artist.

Using Artist Apps as a marketing tools

I’m tried to embed the environment of Chinese music, Chinese culture and Chinese artist into my articles with the topic i will discuss (Artist Apps) and bring out my perspective on it.

LeeHom Wang, an American-born Chinese artist has just launched his personal “ Lee Hom mobile APP” in Apple App Store 2 days ago, which act as a transmission platform, will completely break through the original path of issuing entity album.  The APP allowed user to buy his latest single or album, grasp the first hand information in a fun and interactive way, and allowed user to share the information through their social network. By the way, the APP’s supported by Chinese and English Language so it is not only focus on Chinese market but international market.

Leehom Wang王力宏-Heroes of Earth盖世英雄

(song- Heroes of Earth (蓋世英雄)
Not only that Wang invite the popular Chinese American rapper Jin to rap in the song, he also invited the famous Chinese opera singer Li Yan [4]. Heavy Peking Opera and kunqu tactics are used in the song, as well as an electric guitar solo by Wang. Jin raps in both English and Cantonese in the song.)
[Details on other song from Leehom Wang Heroes of Earth,2005

First of all, I would like to introduce LeeHom Wang to you, he is a talented and famous Chinese artist who coined a music style “ Chinked-out” – incorporated the often unheard tribal sounds of aboriginal Chinese music, Tibetan music, and Mongolian music into R&B and hip hop music. He is an American-born singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and film director of Chinese descent based in Taiwan. Formally trained at the Eastman School of Music, Williams College and Berklee College of Music, his musical style is known for fusing Chinese elements (such as Beijing opera, traditional styles of ethnic minorities, Chinese classical orchestra) with hip-hop and R&B. Wang has been active since 1995 and contributed in 25 albums. He is also a four-time winner of Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, the “Grammys” of Taiwanese music. By the way, he had about twenty million followers on his Weibo (Chinese version of facebook) that is the artist who had the most followers on Weibo and also huge amount of follower on his facebook so his influence is strong among the Chinese Music Industry.

[More personal details on;

LeeHom found out that piracy and illegal download music from Internet has always been a problem that leads people refused to buy entity album and some of the Asian countries still have not adapted the culture of buying music through internet. With converse thinking, rather than called for people to buy entity albums or waiting for them to adapt the culture of buying music through Internet, why not integrated the power of his significant fans database and their behavior of listen music online to create a digital platform as a marketing tool that people can indirectly been guided and educated to buy legal music through internet.Through the artist APP platform, the bargain power could shift from the consumer back to the producer (the artist) or some new level of equilibrium so artist or record label may have some of the power to guide people purchase legal music.

By the way, piracy or download illegal music already become a culture in some of the Asian countries before people been educated to buy legal music,government try to solve this problem by introduce some copyright protection rules or laws but still under development and this take times and the law might not work. Instead of panic on piracy problem and waiting the problem been fixed, the Chinese artist realized that the power of pirates can make money for them. Chris Anderson mentioned that “ Pirates will pirate a CD, which creates celebrity, which you can use to create cash not on music sales but from making personal appearances, starring in advertisements, etc.” (wired,2009)

Nevertheless, if the artist did not have a significant amount of fans, will it still worth to have their mobile Apps? Yes, why not? This is still a marketing tool that can be use for artist to build their fans database, create a free music platform at the beginning to interact with those potential and existed fans by turning them into a super fans!

This is a link that artist cans create his or her own artist app: