Adeles Clout

Adele has overwhelming clout in the music industry now.  She has sold 5.1 million copies of her record 25 since it’s release this year.  Numbers staggeringly higher than what most other bands are selling.  Fall Out Boy’s release “American Beauty/American Psycho” has sold only half a million copies to date.
Very recently Adele played in NYC at a televised broadcast event with the likes of Tina Fey, Donald Trump, and Jennifer Lawrence in attendance.  The concert was viewed by 11.2 million people which made it the most watched concert event since 2003.  She will then be conducting a 56 day tour of the states starting in Minnesota this July.  The broadcast concert itself was called one for the ages and was opened with an invigorating rendition of her single “Hello”.  Clearly business deals have not been holding Adele back and her loyal fan base still pushes her strongly.

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