Apple buying Beats Electronics! Good Move?

Apple’s biggest acquisition till date is the Beats electronics, which started off with headphones and now have diversified to car systems and home electronics, is all set to be acquired by Apple for 3.2 billion $. A good move? I don’t think so!

Beats now also are expanding into the music streaming platform and that is the main reason for the Apple for the acquisition. What changes will apple bring into the hardware of the Beats electronics product is still a mystery.

“They are buying into the future and the future is going to be streaming and subscription,” said Jon Irwin, former president, Rhapsody Inc.

What i do not understand is why cannot Apple invest the same of into iTunes and diversify into streaming? Even the hardware of Beats is not well respected and reputed!

Steve Jobs, never believed in such take-overs and acquisitions,  i think Apple needs him back from the other side!!

What future holds for Beats Electronics after the acquisition, is still not told about!


Giving fan ‘The Experience’ in a live show more important than going broke?!

Before we start, have a look at the video link below:

The flashing wristband technology in the video above costs Coldplay more than 400,000 pound a night and the band is reportedly going broke because of it. Flashing wristbands or Xylobands, have no other purpose than giving the show a very visually appealing experience. But the question remains, does a band like Coldplay, who would fill up the arena in any show on any given day, need to spend such a huge amount of money in order to retain its fans and keep their shows exciting? And if they do, how long will it be when this technology become saturated and the something new and more creative comes in the industry?

My opinion, yes, the experience of the fans at a live show is very important, but it is not worth spending almost all your performance fee on one single technology! I would rather prefer a band calling one of the fans on stage and sing along. Still, who knows?


Explosive launch of Disrupción Records!!

After a week long fantasy-styled celebrations of falls, it took some recovering time for everyone, especially me, to get back to the real life! As planned, we planned the reveal-launch event for Disrupción Records.



Hosted by Neda with some fine dance music by kTunes, it was ‘to the point’ launch (good job tanya, jeremy, Ale!!). With some snacks, drinks and music, the event was an instant success and liked by all. Now, we are working towards the other big things as planned for the label and the artists. Next month for marketing team will be just about ‘venue recce-budget-approval-if ‘no’ approval-repeat the same with different venue’ !! Looking forward to it!!

Record label practicum/iphone/CAA/ICC/djkTunes/survey results — Productive Week!!

This is probably the best title I have created so far ever! Creative genius at its best! :p

Last week was probably one of the most productive week in this semester for me. It was supposed to be MIDEM, but you guys are well aware how productive it turned out to be for me! (There were some good things too..blurred memories and potatoes!!

Productive activity #1 :At the office of Record label practicum last week at A69, we had a great week with many major decisions taken. We decided on the artists, the format of the playlist, an idea for logo, website designs, budgeting (more or less), social media presence, trademark, contracts, basically everything!! (Take that …so called big guns of the industry!!). The only thing yet to discuss is the salary of the employees (a weekly party by Ferran and Ben?).

Productive activity #2: I finally got a phone!! Cannot thank enough to my friend, batch-mate and colleague, Mr. Kareem Clarke!! I can now message again, whatsapp again, take pictures anytime again, call again, receive calls again and most importantly MUSIC 24*7!!!


Productive activity #3: CAA- Creative Artists Agency, world’s biggest talent management agency. Their office is ‘lovingly’ called ‘The Death Star” because of the ‘loving’ agents working there! Imagine 100s of Ari Gold in one building!! So I basically filled out an internship form and they had a question ‘Why do think you can be a good agent?’. Well, I had two options, the first one was give reasons like I most people would do (honest, hard-working, loved entourage, have a man-crush on Ari Gold and so on!) and second option was to tell the a story…short, sweet and TRUE. So here it is what i replied..

” When i was 21, i had no experience of promoting my own live shows. But this did not hold me back and i convinced your RA, an agent with you for 20 years, to promote a 3-city tour of Enrique Iglesias in India with me. Please find attached the contracts we exchanged, signed by him and the 3-month long e-mail conversation we had. I am sure, if at 21, I can convince your own executive RA for a 1 million USD deal, imagine at 26, after 5 years of experience, how much I can convince your clients. This is why I can be a good agent.”

Its a long shot but I knew getting into ‘The Death Star’ will not be walk on roses and I am excited for it!

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Productive activity #3: Met with Stine at ICC, atlast!!!! Damn, this was an achievement! We had a good discussion about my resume, cover letter and basically all the queries I had regarding Interships, Jobs and Career in general!

Productive activity #4: After 4 days of productive work, I needed a break..a productive break!! Luckily, we had international DJ from USA in Valencia, djkTunes spinning at Rumbo!!! An awesome set, amazing fun!!


Productive activity #5: Our class reps, John and Manuel did an amazing job of representing the issues, we as class are facing in the form of survey to our Program Director, Emilien Moyon. It was a good, healthy discussion between us and Emilien about how to eliminate these issues and have an amazing last few months at Berklee! Good Job Reps!!!

I understand, this blog is too self-centred but sometimes when I think about all of these so-called activities (big or small), what me and my friends here at Berklee Valencia are doing on daily-basis, its over-whelming to see how badly we want to be associated with Music as artists, managers, agents, producers, executives,teachers and what not!! As for Music industry, take a chill pill, THE SUN IS JUST RISING!!! (tush-tush)


Attending the biggest music conference in Europe for the very first time, I went in with open mind with little to know what to expect. The trip started with a fifteen hour long and tiring though fun bus-ride from Valencia to Cannes. I had my schedule sorted out and marked the conferences and meetings I had to attend in the three days i was there. I made sure that my schedule was not very hectic so that i had time to just walk around MIDEM and possibly make new connections.

First day, I had two agendas, one was to attend the activity in the networking village called ‘Meet the countries: Germany’. It was more of a speed date exercise and i chose ‘date’ Michael Phisling, Managing Director, A.S.S. concerts and promotions from Stuttgart. In the five minute we met we were able to exchange a lot of information about his company and how can Indian Artists if promoted will do well in Germany. We then, exchanged cards and he asked me suggest few Indian artists which i think would work well in Germany.

The next thing that day was the MIDEMLAB start-up competition, undoubtedly the one thing i was most excited about. Seeing ten new start-ups presenting their new and innovating ideas were surely inspiring. Nagual Sounds was the winner with the most coolest idea of producing live music with your body just was dancing! I wasn’t much interested in going for conferences but was more interested in going around and network as much as possible and attend, not if all, then most of the speed dating. Well, some turned out to be very useful and some didn’t.

The biggest surprise for me was to bump into an old friend, Mihai Gruia from Romania who is an associate with Mango Records. He was a part of very successful pop band ‘Akcent’ whose show i produced twice in India.  We had a good discussion about the Romanian Music Industry, Mango Records and European Market in general.

Meeting Benji Rogers, Adrian, Harry Briggs and so many others was an awesome and insightful experience. MIDEM definitely was full of surprises and for me was a very successful and worthy travel to Cannes.