PARMA Recordings

PARMA Recordings is a record label local to North Hampton, NH, they have been very active in the growth of the city of Portsmouth (nearest city, five minutes by car) and all around the world.  PARMA, is a mainly classical music label that serves as an umbrella label for Navao and other classical labels having licensed music to MTV and recorded projects with Pete Townshend of the Who.

Being actively involved in the Portsmouth scene has brought CEO Bob Lord into the forefront for his bass playing in the Music Halls house band “Dreadknaught” and he still plays with local musicians in the scene such as ex- Program Director Jon McCormack in “Order of Thieves”.

This is a label that is doing artists right in my eyes because they are honest and upfront with their pricing.  They’ve also found that the Czech orchestra is the easiest to pay fairly and consistently fly artists to the Czech Republic to record their orchestrations.  They even have a layout for what their plans are for recording artists.

Their licensing team is strong too with licenses being given to Microsoft computers for when consumers start up Windows 7 and many more along MTV.  Independent labels are strong and growing fast.  They benefit artists in a number of ways and people are starting to view them as a good way to maintain a career and climb the ladder.

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