A digitized version of Selena is happening

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The life of a women loved by many Selena Quintilla, was cut shorts 20 years ago in March leaving her full potential unrealized. Al though gone, her legacy has lived on and will continue to on this new project called Selena the One.


They are developing a new technology that embodies Selena digitally. According to Media representative, Abelardo Rodriguez. This is incredible because it will be able to have Selena move and sing not only to old songs, but new songs too.


It will not be a hologram al though many people believe it to be so! This is NEW technology. This digitalized version of Selena with release new songs and new videos that will be collaborating with current his artists, as well as plans to go on tour in 2018.


Family of Selena state they are right alongside them developing everything. Suzette Quintilla her sister says that this project is not creepy or weird but rather something amazing.. This gives a lot of the new fans the chance to be able to experience Selena thanks to this new technology. Crowd funding campaign is being used and is seeking $500,000 to launch the project.




Check out one of her major hits

“Lost & Found” Buena Vista Social Club


Buena Vista Social club just released a new album “Lost and Found” which brings together a collection of unreleased tracks that were originally recorded with the initial Buena Vista Social Club crew. Nick Gold the record producer said “over the years we were often asked what unreleased material was left in the vaults.” He knew there was gold material but they had always just gone to the next project. No one looked back to see what else they had so when they finally did they were amazed at how much wonderful music there was.

These lost treasures have now been released and as I listened to the opening song, “Bruca Manigua,” it brings me back nostalgia and happiness. The old music combined with the old members of the band brings us back to the era that was lost and now found once again. A Live audience with the big band brass, takes us all back to old Havana, a place where today many can barely abide. Ibrahim Ferrer walks on stage as the audience cheers and our souls come alive to hear the magic that he brings when he begins to sing.

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club has a number of tour dates scheduled for 2015 which forms part of their “Adios” Tour. They plan to tour around Europe in South America throughout the summer. I recommend getting a ticket if one is around this show is a must and will have you singing all the lyrics even if you don’t know an ounce of Spanish.

Lost and Found track list.


1. “Bruca Manigua”
2. “Macusa”
3. “Tiene Sabor”
4. “Bodas De Oro”
5. “Black Chicken 37”
6. “Habanera”
7. “Como Fue”
8. “Guajira En F”
9. “Quiéreme Mucho”
10. “Pedacito De Papel”
11. “Mami Me Gustó”
12. “Lágrimas Negras”
13. “Como Siento Yo”
14. “Ruben Sings!”

Latin Stars at Premios Lo Nuestro


On Thursday night February 19th the 27th edition of Premios Lo Nuestro was held at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. This three hour show was hosted by actress Galilea Montijo and actor Cristian de la Fuente. It recognized four musical genres: Pop, Tropical, Regional Mexican, and Urban. These winners are specifically selected by fans who cast the votes online. The biggest winners were no surprise as Enrique Iglesias and Romeo Santos went home with six awards each!

Of course, Mr. Worldwide Pitbull opened the show alongside Gente de Zona (Cuban sensation) with a medley of Yo quiero and Dile la Verdad.

Now, my favorite part of the night was definitely Marc Anthony. Being such a big fan of his I was happy to see him perform his latest hit called Flor Palida. For the first time two big names in Latin music collaborated: Marc Anthony who won Tropical Salsa Artist of the Year and Romeo Santos known as the king of Bachata.

MANÁ PERFORMED! For those who don’t know, Mana has been absent for four years and finally the band came together to rock the stage with their new single Mi Verdad which features Shakira. Throughout the evening Colombian rocker Juanes rocked the stage as well as Dominican legend Juan Luis Guerra.

It was a well produced show with a good environment that left many viewers happy at the end of the night and I of course, couldn’t stop dancing when Victor Manuelle closed the show with his single Que Suenen los Tambores.

Check out these videos and you can read more on Premios Lo Nuestro online.

Prince Royce The Next Latin Crossover King?

We all know the main Latin king and Queen of crossing over to the English pop world and that is Pitbull and Shakira. Now, Prince Royce says he is ready for change and wants to be Latin’s next crossover king. The Bronx/Dominican star Prince Royce known as making his bachata tunes, Darte Un Beso and his rendition of B.B. kings Stand by Me is ready to change his voice (literally) and is officially up for the challenge. Meeting his vocal coach Mauli B. who has worked with Katy perry and Boyz II Men tells Royce to change every syllable with “nay” on his new single with Snoop Dogg, “Stuck on a Feeling.” Coach says, “and put your finger right here,” while Royce presses the tip of his nose.

Royce Rojas first language is English but is famous among spanish people and has four No. 1s on Billboard’s latin songs chart as well as being voted among the most beautiful by People in spanish. He has done all this and more, by singing bachata which is a Dominican folk style filled with acoustic guitars and lots of romance. This April coming up he will be releasing his first English language Pop album with his new label home RCA. He has confirmed to be involved with Chris Brown and Magic singer Nasri and al though a risky move that could upset loyal falls and fail to capture pop lovers, its one he is willing to take. “What i put out in English, that’s who most people are going to think I am – that’s why I’m being so careful,” said in a recent Billboard interview. “I love hip-hop, R&B, techno and Latin,” Which is what Prince Royce grew up listening to and what the album has an overall combination of.

People didn’t always agree with him starting off with Bachata as people warned him that singing pop and doing English joints was the way to go, but he didn’t listen and that was the best thing he could have done. He was first signed to Indie Imprint Top Stop by the Salsa legend Sergio George, who co- produced his first self titled album in 2010. His cover “Stand by Me,” racked up more than 70 million youtube plays and 471 million clicks for his single “Darte un Beso.” He knows crossing over wont be easy, and although artists like Ricky Martin have had a smooth transition going from Spanish pop to English pop, for Royce it’s a different rhythm and a different language which makes it twice the challenge for him.

RCA president Tom Corson knows the risk but he says, “You have to bring them along with you in that journey. Some artists can do it, some can’t – We’re convinced he can.” As far as I see it, he’s doing great so far as his new single “Stuck on a Feeling” is #17 on mainstream Top 40 chart. As a latin woman I am excited to see him on the rise as he begins his journey as an international global star and can’t wait to see what else he does in the near future!


Check out his latest single here