The Coolest Live Show # 10

This is Beats Antique. They are an incredible up and coming band who has made their mark quite strongly on any music enthusiast who encounters them. Their sound is a mix of indian and egyptian vibrations with the classical violin, worldly beats and the electricity from technology. This trip consists of a drummer, another dude who does the electro, violin and banjo, and Zoe- the rhythmic, beautiful belly dancer who is the life of the show.

With maybe one video on YouTube over 1,000,000 views, they are still growing rapidly and have become a regular on the festival circuit. This live show is f’real. Zoe creates a special experience with their fans and the music creates a dance party exploding in every crowd. This is a style of ‘live showism’ that is not hard to create, not expensive, and very lucrative. I highly recommend this band as well as their strategy. Enjoyy

The Coolest Live Show # 9

All of these videos are wicked awesome, but the coolest of the cool rock star live shows is AC/DC!

They have been performing for decades and they truly know the meaning of ‘memorable visual experience’. They use lights, props, and a custom stage to get the crowd seriously riled up and ready to rock! Their music naturally puts a different energy in their fans and the style keeps the entertainment flowing. Among many others from their time, this band knows how to put on a real live show. Many of the older rock bands used custom stages and other serious shite, and I think that needs to come back more today. Some of the huge acts today, like Lade Gaga and Beiber are def. taking advantage and doing it- but I want to figure out a way somehow to create a trend of everyone doing it, event at the smaller shows. That would be awesome. Enjoyy

The Coolest Live Show # 8

Thus far, I have posted about the best ‘light’ shows, ‘laser’ shows, LED screens and projectors – some being incredible live bands rocking and rolling and the others, well hit electronic acts incorporating wild visual experiences. But nothing like this has been seen yet. This is an example of the new meeting the old, the ‘future’ meeting the ‘past’. This is Lady Gaga, one of the biggest Rock Stars in the music scene today and yes, she takes full advantage of it all.

Not only does she incorporate the lights and LED screens, but she uses a custom stage, props, costumes and a team of dancers to tell a story. In more ways than one, her performance is like going to see a play- each song has a different routine and tells a different story. LIke many of the old rock stars – The Rolling Stones, ACDC, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Eminem (I saw him once with a ferris wheel on stage) and many more – Lady Gaga takes full advantage of the ability to have a custom stage and all of the works. In turn, we as the fans are lucky enough to be able to have an amazing concert experience. Enjoyy

The Coolest Live Show # 7

And this is Deadmou5. He is another one of the leading electronic artists in the electronic music game today; but more of the ‘main-stream’, mainly because he is so recognizable. Yes, it is quite impressive.

Here, he is working with the Nokia brand to launch some of the newest technology, meanwhile creating one of the wildest outside shows in history. They use projections to shoot visual graphics on an entire building acting as their canvas. Now this is definitely innovative and it for sure breaks new records, but is it something that interests you to the fullest? For me, well yes maybe if it was in a more rural location, but I don’t know how much dancing their doing in this London October. Either way, the live show is breaking barriers of entertainment and setting new standards for the music industry. Enjoyy

The Coolest Live Show # 6

This new electronic artist has taken the idea of ‘stage presence’ to a whole new level. But wait, where is the artist? Welcome to the world of Amon Tobin.
He and his team have created something so unique, new fans are often confused as to what exactly is happening. They has created a series of three dimensional cubes and amongst the madness, sits the genius. As you watch the video, focus your attention on the center cube and soon you will see the master at work. The idea of this ‘visual experience’ is a bit different than the others, for this is a ‘blank’ structure working as a canvas for a projector. The projector shoots different visual graphics to tell a story while the artist makes the beat flow. His music is quite mellow at times and some say it is a lot like going to watch a movie. You have to be able to see the stage at this show, or you are definitely missing half of it. This creation ranks top of the top with the innovative electronic music artists in the music game today. Sit back and enjoyy

The Coolest Live Show # 5

Now I am currently bringing you some of the best Electronic Live Acts to hit the music game in the recent decade. This is Pretty Lights.

The name isn’t just for fun, but he really does have some pretty lookin’ lights. This solo artist gives all his music away for free and he does this to promote his live shows. It seems like a great strategy and it’s working quite well for him saying he headlines numerous international festivals and sells out almost every show. He has developed his idea of a ‘visual experience’ in a whole new way. Not only does he utilize lights and LED screens, but he has built his set-up to look like a city skyline. He has created a new personal experience for his fans and the wild crowds groovin’ lusciously to his melodic beats. This is impressive, unique, and a beautiful site to see. Enjoyy

The Coolest Live Show

So the first three posts included the best, Phish, and the second best, Umphrey’s Mcgee, ‘light’ shows in the music industry today and the best ‘laser’ show, Ghostland Observatory. Now I am bringing you an explanation of the trend that has hit the music scene and is snowballing into the future. This is Bassnectar.
He is a solo electronic artist who has blown up in the scene of ‘Dubstep’. He is now touring internationally on a regular basis and is a frequent headliner at numerous music festivals. He is developed his fan base of ‘bassheads’ and continues to make crowds erupt with joy. One big part of his show is the visual aspect. Bassnectar has combined the ‘lights’ of a light show with the new and improved technology of LED screens. He has taken this idea to whole new level and size. The combination of the fierce music, numerous screens and all the lights keeps people coming back for more, everywhere in the world. enjoy

The Coolest Live Show

In my first 2 posts, I showed you (in my opinion) the best ‘light’ show and best ‘laser’ show in the music scene today. Well now this post brings the second best light show in the game today, Unphrey’s Mcgee. I personally think they were directly inspired by Phish to create such a vibrant, extravagant array of lights, especially because they too come from the ‘jam band’ genre.

None the less, they bring an insane amount of lights to the stage and ‘dance’ and ‘jam’ with the rest of the band while they bring you along their tasty journey of that specific night. From one show to the next, Umphrey’s rocks the house and amazes audiences all over the world. Fortunately for me, they are from Chicago and I was lucky enough to spend every New Years Eve (or the day before) seeing them play at our local downtown venue, The Aragon Ballroom. Easily 4 years in a row with numerous other shows in between, I was mesmerized and hooked for life. enjoy

The Coolest Live Show

In my first post, I showed you the coolest and wildest light show in the live music scene today. That was Phish, and yes they do have the wildest ‘light’ show in the game today.

Now I am bringing you the coolest and weirdest futuristic light show in the game today, Ghostland Observatory’s lazer show. They set up with a few lights, but mainly with their 7 multi-colored lazers. They strategically place the 7 seven rainbow colored machines around the stage and synchronize them with the music. It is by far, the newest and wildest lazer show in the game today.

While they tour from show to show and festival to festival, their visual experience attracts more and more fans every time. Coming from Texas, this duo is humble and excited to share their live performance with new fans everywhere. They are the first to use these new high-tech lazers in this way and no one has even tried to copy them at this level. enjoy

The Coolest Live Show

There are many bands out there that enjoy playing live. And there are many fans that really enjoy seeing their favorite band live. My favorite band, is Phish. Not only because their music melts your muscles while springing them up and around with every groove, but because their live show is beautiful.

Hands down, Phish has the best light show in the music industry today. It’s been that way for a while too. His name is Chris Kuroda; some call him the 5th member of the band. He started doing the lights for phish way back when they were just getting started in late 80’s. It was by accident the first time, someone didn’t show up so he took over the lights to help out. History unfolded as it should have since and now we are lucky enough to be graced with the guy’s illumines masterpiece.

He sets the stage with around 50 lights, i’ve counted them numerous times, but i always get a different number. Then he hangs in the middle of the crowd, watching the show and and ‘jamming’ with every song. Each and every show is a different visual experience, accompanying to bands style of never playing the same thing twice.

So if you like wild grooves influenced by just about every genre mixed professionally into one full 2 set + encore performance, and a sea of love and life bouncing up and down around the room with wide smiles and pure bliss while steaming crescendos throw everyone into a frenzy, then yes this is the concert for you.

ENjoy this video, watch the whole thing and listen to the lyrics too – all around winner.