Why are vikings so cool in the metal scene? The answer might be in Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory in which he proposed that there’s a common language between every human being throughout the times and places in the world. This language is formed by primitive symbols that go beyond reason, he called them archetypes.
One of these archetypes is the warrior; “a person who shows great vigour, courage or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.”

Amon Amarth is regarded as THE viking metal band despite that many bands included the “viking” thematic many years before them (Bathory, Enslaved and even Manowar). They are one of the most successful metal bands right now with a never ending tour agenda around the world. But it’s not the fact that they were the first ones or not to come with the concept; it’s what they’ve done with it, for example look at the brand experience they set up in their live performances (or battles):

Although there has been quite a few musicians that had developed their brand image and experience in a sensational way more than 40 years ago (Pink Floyd, for example), the challenge comes nowadays that there is too much music to listen and too little time to hear them all. In that sense, Amon Amarth is a really great example of what BRAND EQUITY can do for you. This kind of performance makes their fans to enter into a true catharsis and release emotions in a positive way, giving the band a unique added value that it’s then transformed in record and ticket sales to their loyal fans around the world. They are Amon Amarth fans beyond reason.

To all professional musicians out there: practicing/composing/learning music all day is a GREAT idea. But have you thought about giving your music a concept? Can you describe your music in one UNIQUE word that nobody else could really have or at least its not generic like “soulful”, “inspired”, “aggressive”, “deep” or, to say the least “post-experimental”. None of these terms will really help you. You need to think about this in order to effectively approach to your audience.