Tyler & —- Infinite Playlist : A beginner’s guide to the musical commonwealth.

Alright Wanka’s…As many of you have noted upon entering our kickin’ crib,  we tend to have a pretty decent selection in tunes. So, instead of cracking out SHAZAM on your mobile telephones the next time you’re over, we’ve decided to make your life much, much easier. As a result, it only seemed logical to compile a setlist of our favourite tunes from our native lands in the commonwealth ( God Save the Queen or something like that).Although this is no simple feat, we’ve also decided to  take it even a step further by finding these artists’ playing their crafty beats  in ‘creative’ places ( Don’t worry, all of this music is extremely relevant, so you can BORROW it for your A&R Blogs).Without further adieu and in the infamous words of Carl Pires, ‘Swag, swag, swag’


Australia # 1 : Ball Park Music – It’s Nice to Be Alive // Live in a grocery cart

Canada # 1 Lights – Quiet // Complete with a glory hole… enjoy.

Australia # 2 Dune Rats – Fuck it  // Live from atop a firetruck

Canada # 2 Hey Rosetta! – There’s an Arch  – In the hood.

Australia # 3 Jack Dawson // Being August Rush.

Canada # 3

Dan Mangan – Rows of Houses/ Leaves, Trees Forest //  In a River ?

Australia #4 – Vance Joy – Riptide // On a Tram (also, commonly referred to as a train)

Canada # 4- Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – Suzie ( I love you ) //  Barefoot, with an interpretive Dancer, being hip as F#Ck.

Honourable Mentions:

Lights – In the Dark I See // In a cellar ( I feel as though she needs a new location scout…poor girl).

Vance Joy – Riptide //  Technically, this is just a music video, but it might be the most literal of all time – literally ( Sorry, I dislike puns as much as the next person, but I couldn’t help it).

Thanks for reading

Artist Matchup of the Week: Vance Joy Vs. WALLA

Artist Matchup is a weekly blog post asking the readers a simple question, out of the 2 artists presented who would you rather sign?  Weekly matchups will consist of indie, signed, unsigned, bands, soloists, basically any kind of artist you can think of.  We all have our own opinions, as do I so I will share mine and I encourage you to share yours.

Now let´s get into this weeks match up…

First is James Keogh a.k.a Vance Joy… I guess Vance sounds more artsy. Anyways, a native of Melbourne, Australia Vance garnered some attention from his song Riptide off his debut EP God Loves You When You´re Dancing.  The song became a success in Australia and resulted in enough attention to land himself a 5 album deal with Atlantic Records.   Check out some of his stuff below.

   If Jeff Buckley and Mumford and Sons had a love child I think that Vance Joy would be the result.   Vance matches his skill of writing with folk influenced melody and instrumentation to create a sound that is very in right now in the wake of success by artists like Passenger, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, etc.

The next artist is an independent band called WALLA consisting of 2 Berklee alumnus ( won´t let that cloud my judgement…promise).  Their fans describe them as “indie pop, synth-based, retro-influenced, indie rock, or something along those lines”.  Check out some of their music below.

Though an independent band WALLA has some serious pop sensibilities with some rave influenced beats and rhythms (i.e No Time). Their lyrical content combined with they synth heavy production makes for a really enjoyable listening experience. I do think they could develop a sound more of their own but I see a lot of potential in this group.

These artists are very different and offer different strengths.  If I had to sign one I think I would go with WALLA but not by a lot.  Vance Joy fits the genre of music I love the most but that necessarily isn´t what is going to sell.  Even though he has already garnered some attention in his native home of Australia I´m not sure if he can crack the U.S. especially when artists in similar genres are already starting to crack it (i.e. Passenger).   WALLA for me has a lot of potential I think they have knack for creating really catchy music. With all five different members being from  widespread locations around the world (Mexico/El Salvador, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea), They manage to create a united sound filled with hooks and likeability.  Vance Joy is already has a direction while WALLA I think has more room to grow and experiment with their sound, which I like.  So WALLA is my choice, but that just my opinion!

Now lets hear from some of you… sound off in the comment section! Till next time!