Artist Matchup of the Week: Charity Vance vs. Tori Kelly

First Up…
Name: Charity Vance
Age: 20
Label: Independent
Sounds Like: Taylor Swift, Ingrid Michelson, Regina Spektor


  Charity Vance is a classifies herself as an Indie Pop artist hailing from LIttle Rock Arkansas.  At first glance she looked really familiar, with a little bit of research I realized she competed the 9th season of the reality singing competition juggernaut that is American Idol.  Since then she has worked the music scene attempting to release a full length studio album.  So far she has released a slew of singles and and 2 EPs’.   As I listened to her singles I would find myself thinking, man she sounds like (Insert any modern female single here).  In one song she sounds like Taylor Swift then like Katy Perry, then like Avril Lavigne. Check out some of her stuff and maybe you can hear what I’m saying.

  Very Avril meets Taylor if you ask me, no?  Then we go to…

  This song could have literally been taken out of Katy Perry´s Teenage Dream. 

  I think the problem here is that her team is trying to make her fit into the various sounds happening in the music industry at the moment rather than trying to develop her own sound and lyrical content. In my opinion she has everything you would want to make a female pop star she just needs to find her own sound to get her there. Something that will at least set her a part a little for all the rest of the pretty girls trying to break in.  She definitely has what it takes check out her cover of Hold on We’re Going Home by Drake.  Still plenty of pop but just different enough to make her stand out.


  Charity teamed up with singer April Kry to record a couple of videos together, and they were probably my favorite to watch.  They were all covers like the Justin Beiber one above but the harmonies and creative choices they made with the songs impressed me.

Next Up…

Name: Tori Kelly
Age: 21
Label: Major
Sounds Like: Jojo, Leah Labelle


  Tori Kelly is an Pop singer with an R&B influence. She competed in many talent competitions but her most notable appearance was on the the same season of American Idol that Charity was in, with both being  eliminated before the live shows.  Since American Idol Kelly has gained much attention  with her covers  and originals on YouTube.   Her channel has more than 600,000 subscribers and over 48 million views to date.  She has released some singles and an EP with the newest, Foreword  coming out October  22nd via Capitol Records, take a listen here.  Currently she is being managed by none other that Scooter Braun a.k.a. Justin Beiber’s manager and with that kind support skyes the limit.  Check out some of her videos, new and old.

My personal favorite.

Dear No One Off her new EP.

  She definitely has her own style that set her part from a lot of the girl in the music industry doing the type of pop music.  She has some R&B and soul influences in her music style and vocal inflections that I really like.


  This one is tough  because they both have established somewhat of a fan base following their short stints on American Idol.  They are both young talented girls that have a lot to offer.  Solely based on the music I should go with Tori just because she has her own laid-back R&B/Pop style that is almost absent in music today when it comes to popular females in music. After listening to her new EP I´m not sure if the content is strong enough to really make any impact, she definitely has the potential to do better.  On the other hand if Charity created a duo with the equally talented April Kry I think there could be something there! Their voices complemented each other very well and at least it sounded more original than Charity’s individual work, and it was a cover. Maybe then we would have a different outcome. There also has never really been a big female duo, at least from my knowledge so that would be interesting dynamic to work with.  For now though  I think I would go with Kelly, even though I’m not too fond of her new material.  She  already has a good fan following and with right material I think she could blow up.

Tori Kelly

*NEW* Artist of the Week: TORI KELLY

The purpose of this blog is to showcase upcoming artists who have either signed with a label or chosen to build their career through a Direct2Fan method.

BIRTH NAME: Victoria Kelly

AGE: 20
ORIGEN: Canyon Lake, California

GENRE: Pop, Soul, R&B
LABEL: Toraay Records (Self-label)

TWITTER: 165,334 followers |
YOUTUBE: 35,452,046 video views |
FACEBOOK: 79,553 likes |
SOUNDCLOUD: 2,006 followers |


I discovered Tori Kelly a couple years ago on Facebook. Someone shared a link to one of her videos and I was very impressed with her vocal skills. She was very tasteful with her runs, and they were very clean. She also had a unique interpretation of her cover songs. Needless to say, I was hooked. Here’s one of my favorite videos of Tori covering “Tomorrow” from the popular musical Annie:

Tori was only 18 when she made that video, and she has continued to grow as an artist and performer. She auditioned for American Idol in Season 9, and although she made it to Hollywood, she wasn’t chosen as one of the Top 24. I think this stands to prove that she has a bigger purpose ahead of her because the girl is clearly talented. You can even see Simon’s hesitancy to downplay her voice when he smirks as he says “I’m gonna say no. I think these three are mad, but there you go.” Her tone is very piercing, but it is very crisp and pure. That is what makes her so unique—and the fact that she has impeccable control over her voice considering her age. Check out her audition!

Tori was only 16 when she auditioned for American Idol, but her performance career began way before then. She was featured on America’s Most Talented Kids when she was  only 11, and she won the competition! Check her out!

Her voice hasn’t changed a bit. Her talent has grown with her every step of the way to Tori starting her own record label to produce her own music—Toraay Records. She produced and released her own EP entitled “Handmade Songs” that she wrote and produced in her bedroom studio. She recently announced her “Fill a Heart” US tour which already has sold out dates in San Francisco, D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlanta! I wish I were there to attend.

Here are a couple more of my favorite videos from Tori—some of which she shares in a duet with Todrick Hall <–my next featured artist! 😉

Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had” (Cover) – Tori Kelly and Todrick Hall:

“California King Bed” (Cover) – Tori Kelly and Todrick Hall:

Adele “Someone Like You” (Cover) – Tori Kelly and Luke Edgemon

Stay tuned!

Prayre Finley


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