Jägermeister, The Defiled, & Icebergs

Acrobatics are still cool!

Acrobatics are still cool!


Greetings everyone!  Nishad here writing from the US, and while we are soon approaching the winter season, I came across a story from a place where it’s winter year round.  Enter Greenland, a place where it’s snow every day and you’d be damned if you think you’re going to have a summer day at your local beach.

The Defiled, an industrial metal band on the rise from England, partnered with their sponsorship with Jägermeister, embarked to the land of freezing privates to play a unique 30 minute set for a few natives and a bunch of cameras.  Did I mention that the specific place they chose to play was a moving iceberg?  Yes, they chose to find the perfect broken off piece of ice from their local glacier to set their drums, amps, and PA’s up for a good old fashioned rock and roll show.  I would imagine that tuning their guitars were a nightmare, and their drums probably got cracked.  But it’s all in the name of rock and roll, right?

Now, I’m not going to get carried away and make jokes about playing outdoors winter all day long.  What I’m most interested in this whole deal of things is that the Defiled are a new unique breed of sub-genre popularity.  Their sophomore album “Daggers” was created completely on crowdfunding.  They didn’t have a label for a lot of years, yet they had the cash to continue their day to day operations as a nonstop touring-recording band.  Record label funding is a thing of the past to these guys.  Their virtues came from their partnership with Jägermeister and likely a future in liver failure.

Ignoring these guys’ penchant for liquor, it’s easy to see that they have a model that’s successful.  They themselves seem extremely satisfied that, at the moment, the backbone of their rise comes from completely independent direct-to-fan interactions and smart financial moves.  I happened upon an interview with these guys over their early days; and yes, they had the whole story of a terrible past of god-awful label negotations and scumbags for managers.  These guys are cautious when picking their intermediaries.  But the one thing they’re most grateful for?  Jägermeister.  And not just the drinking.  In numerous interviews, you’ll find that The Defiled will thank Jägermeister as “their first real source of money.”  Surely, these guys aren’t loaded, filthy rich, careless rockstars.  But they’re damn close.

Think about it: these guys heavily promote their sponsors.  Maybe that’s not true punk rock.  But they answer to no one when it comes to their explosive and reckless live shows and record making processes.  Literally no one.  And their fans love it.  Their sponsors love it.  They get to work their asses off while a liquor company throws them cash while they get hammered.  Is there anything wrong with that?  Look at that picture again.  These guys are playing on a moving iceberg.  It’s a record: no one has ever done this before.  It’s gonna be huge when they release the concert itself.  How often do you hear a low-tier popularity band doing acrobatic stunts like this without going bankrupt?  I’ll say it again.  Sponsorships are the future.  Look at a Korn video and you’ll see Monster Energy Drink wristbands on frontman Jonathan Davis.  Challenge yourself to find a pop star’s music video that doesn’t feature an iPhone or Beats by Dre.  Numerous heavy metal bands are now sponsored by bodybuilding company Musclepharm.  Hell, even Japanese band Crossfaith have a song called “Jägerbomb” dedicated to their liquor sponsor.

There’s nothing wrong with it: find a brand you like, make the connection, you promote your favorite stuff and the company gets spotlighted.  From what I can see, independent bands that have good relationships with their sponsors and their fans seem to be happier than the ones that are tied down to too many people.  Now watch the documentary below and tell me these guys aren’t having the times of their lives.