August Alsina:: Testimony

I remember listening to TLC when I was young while living in Korea, I had no internet,  and didn’t have a lot of money to really buy CDs. I was watching AFKN (American TV station in Korea) , saw the music video and fell in love. Ever since then, my favorite music genre was R&B. I went to the states and it was a heaven. I had Destiny’s Child, Brandy, and Aliyah. For a while, Mario, Craig David, Ne-Yo, Usher and other R&B artists kept my CD player busy. I was driving to Canada from New York for 8 hours, I remember purchasing Ne-Yo’s album and put on Because of You on repeat for 8 hours. Trey Songz, Chris Brown made me drive down to NYC to see their shows. There aren’t a lot of artists who are doing R&B anymore. I miss it but I know not a lot of people are into it as much as before. I had Frank Ocean and John Legend but I had to hear Pitbull once in a while because I was forced to. 


I was checking itunes album chart and found out about August Alsina. I thought it was interesting because he was number one on the album chart and it’s not EDM. Then few days ago, I read an article about this artist that his debut album “Testimony” debut on Billboard 200 at number 2. I went on Spotify (sorry) listened to the whole album and today, I just purchased his whole album plus  previous EPs. I hardly really purchase whole albums on itunes unless they are Pharell, Drake or Frank Ocean. August Alsina sold more than 63000 copies the opening week. 

New Orleans artist August Alsina is just 21 years old who’s under Radio Killa (The -Dream) and Def Jam. Initially , he approached me as an artist who sounds like the old Chris Brown.
I feel like..he is probably the only R&B artist who is singing about real struggles, and problems today. He talks about his childhood, drug abuse, growing up in the hood, and of course love. His songs are honest and it’s about his life which made me open my wallet to actually purchase the whole album. A lot of the R&B song are about sex and some songs don’t even make sense to me. 

“The date of the the album’s release, April 15th, holds special meaning to Alsina because his brother was shot and killed on that same day a few years ago. On the album’s intro, “Testify,” he sings about how his brother’s death has inspired him to keep grinding. “Heard my brother got gunned down, and it hurt me to my heart/ So I kept grinding’, kept pushin’, he told me to go far.” In fact, a large portion of the album’s subject matter is about the struggle, and Alsina’s past days on the corner selling dope. It hasn’t always been easy sailing for the singer, as he describes on the following track, “Make It Home”.

The album Testimony is definitely a strong debut for August Alsina. All the songs are well presented, produced, well ordered too. Of course I have some favorite tracks but I did not skip a track. Some people won’t agree and probably don’t like the genre but I can’t help myself repeating the whole album since yesterday. If you like R&B, you absolutely must check August Alsina out!

August Alsina-I Luv This Shit (Explicit) ft. Trinidad James