Standing Up to the Man

This musically fructiferous week has yielded yet another productive recording session with Tess and Tim.  We discussed post-production needs and recorded lead vocals and integrated colorful harmonies to “I Bought You a Coat”


During this session promotional needs were addressed, such as the imagery and visual art style to be employed on the artwork of the upcoming EP.  I also recorded supplemental audiovisual material in the studio: photos and video footage of the recording as well as an interview about the artist’s musical project.

Tess 2

On the bright side, *ba dum psh* having access to the university lighting equipment effectively and drastically enhanced the quality of the promotional materials.


The legal aspect of the practicum has suffered a more conflictive week, since several weeks into the recording process, Berklee has proposed a new contract that contradicts several key items that were established at the very beginning. This poses a significant challenge for the legal team, to protect the interests of all stakeholders involved while moving within Berklee’s legislation, particularly the artists.