Chvrches, Bieber, and Indie Cred

Scottish electronic band Chvrches has been known to flirt with modern day chart-toppers, some of which–on paper–should clash with their signature 80’s synthpop aesthetic. These include the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rnb singer, Janelle Monae, and the even the pop band, HAIM. Recently, Chvrches has taken a bigger risk than ever before in taking a stab at music’s most controversial tween heartthrob turned public urinator turned, well, actually, pretty respectable Rnb-tinged pop vocalist. Some of you might be asking, what do you mean?!?! No, that’s actually the name of Bieber’s newest single, “What do you mean”:

The song features an impressive vocal performance by Bieber juxtaposed against some airtight production. In adapting the tune to 808’s and saw wave samples, intentional or not, Chrvches, a well respected indie act have given Bieber their seal of approval. So, in conclusion what does this mean? Well, on one end this is just a really cool cover that any lover of pop music can listen to over and over again. But looking at the larger picture, Bieber may have just earned himself some legitimate credibility within a community of indie music fans who have previously written the singer off as the music industry’s village idiot. Watch the rendition as well as the band explain their new found love for Bieber below: