Mannnn I Miss 90s R&B!!

90s cassette


Hands down, one of my favorite musical eras during my lifetime thus far is the 1990s!  During the 90s it seemed that R&B was truly at its prime!  The innovativeness is still unmatched.  This era gives me a feeling of nostalgia…it reminds me of great times! Everything about it just felt good! The music was a fusion of sounds including New Jack Swing, Hip Hop Soul, Neo Soul, Funk, and of course traditional Rhythm & Blues.

Artists could really sing, dance, write classics, and were musicians as well. The emotions that they were able to conjure up is priceless. They were multi-faceted artists and made timeless music!

Below check out a handful of my favorite 90s R&B songs!! Feel free to share some of yours as we take a walk down memory lane.


Sade’-Cherish The Day


Aaliyah—4 Page Letter


Mary J. Blige-Be Happy


Jodeci-Forever My Lady


Ghost Town DJ’s-My Boo


Montell Jordan-This Is How We Do It


Soul 4 Real-Candy Rain


Does anyone else miss the 90s? 








Sammy Pisano, who performs under the mononym “Wallace,” is an American R&B artist from Beaufort, North Carolina. An alumni of UNC Wilmington, Wallace studied jazz piano after entering the university with intentions of majoring in Political Science. “It’s like I did a complete 180,” Wallace explains. “I always knew deep down that I wanted to pursue music. I guess it just took time for me to make the decision to really go after my dreams.”

Wallace cites Ne-Yo and John Legend as two of his major influences, claiming that the “sense of poetic romance in their lyrics” is something that he really enjoys but thinks has been missing in contemporary R&B/urban pop records. “I try to make music with powerful hooks that people can sing along and dance to. Music is such an important part of my life, and I am just thankful to be able to share my creations with the rest of the world.”

The latest work of Wallace, entitled “Sex, Love & Alcohol,” is a collaboration album with Vegas based rapper Pappagiorgio. The project is a collection of party records, romance songs, and what Wallace calls “feel good” music. View his promo video for the project below:

To view his profiles, visit his Twitter at @Kidd_Wallace or his Facebook at /WallaceOfficialTV.