2012 Rainbow Bay Festival goes Rock “n” Roll

“If I quit rock “n” roll, would you still love me?”  – Theme for the second annual Rainbow Bay Festival (2012). The aim of this year is about encourage rock bands not to give up their rock & roll dream and educated audience what is rock & roll !!!

“It is very hard to keep a rock band going — I discovered this from experience. There’s turnover one day, income issues the next. So we really want to encourage rock bands to stick it through to the end and do that thing they want to do,” said festival coordinator Lee Ming-chih (李明智) of Da Da Arts Promotion (大大娛樂).

According to TraNews, Rainbow Bay Festival is the grandest music festival in Asia 2012 that held in Kaohsiung , Taiwan, a two-day outdoor mega-concert at 27,28/10/2012. To build up lively atmosphere, the organizer has used 1200 of mirrors to make the biggest mirror ball. The mirror ball will be above the surface of Love River 10m. Strong beams will transmit from different aspects and reflect on the mirror ball. By then, the harbor will be the brightest spot all over Taiwan.

The mayor of Kaohsiung would like to promote not only Kaohsiung but also the abilities of Taiwan musician to the world and it success as this year, there are about 60 artists (include indie artist and bands) and estimated 32,000 people participated in the festival 2012, which include 52 concerts, 9 lectures and fair.

Every year, there will have different theme so the festival not only limited for a particular type of music. For instance, the theme for 2011 is about “creation” of musician work and invited 9mm Parabellum Bullet (band from Japan) be one of the guest. Beside the local artist or band, Sratch Bandits Crew (France DJ band) had also performed and provided a talk/ seminar to audience this year so this is a festival not only for music lover to enjoy music but also a educational festival for people to learn about music and enjoy music!! By the way , it also provide a stage for  indie artist or band to have opportunities to build their fan base and increase reputation!!!

I believed more artist around the world will be invited to participate in this festival at the following years to attract more people listen to music. The city government aimed to inspire talented people to go into the music industry and increased the participation of people in the pop music festival.