The Promo Bay – A New Era of Independent Promotion


If anyone has been on The Pirate Bay in the last several months (which I’m sure is not true *wink*wink*) you would have noticed at least once on the home page the words the promo bay accompanied by a band that is releasing their music through the pirate bay. Yes that is correct. The pirate bay has become a technically legal album Promoter for several artists over the last few months and it has become insanely popular recently. So much so that the pirate bay ‘crew’ needed to create a whole new ship and recruit a whole new batch of sailors. My apologies, that is probably the worst metaphor I have ever come up with but I’m keeping it. Anyways all you need to know is that the pirate bay launched a new website this week: and the site is completely dedicated to marketing and distributing the work of independent artists. And by artists I mean photographers, authors, musicians, painters, film makers, game designers, software developers, all kinds of shit. If you make something your good enough for the promo bay.

How it works is an artist will submit their work to the promo bay and every couple of days a whole team is dedicated to looking through thousands of submissions and picking the best ones to promote to millions of people at no cost. As a side note youtube should do that. They should have a section where random artists can submit videos of their work and then youtube should just put it on the front page for a day. That would be radical as shit. We can all learn something from the pirate bay. Anyways, for some brilliant reason the UK has blocked all access to the

Why on earth would they do that? It is a completely legal website. Well what a good question Phil, let me tell you. Record Companies or Music Entertainment Companies or whatever the hell they want to be called are only really good for one thing at this point and that is promotion and exposure for the artist. Currently it is impossibly hard to get the kind of promotion that a record label can offer but things could very well change. And if the world discovers a new way then well, need I say more?

It is kind of sad that artists from the UK are being shunned by their own homeland from these incredible opportunities. I mean it can not possible hurt anybody so what the hell? If anything you want your home team artists to be doing well but my best guess is that they simply do not want anything to do with the pirate bay what so ever. It’s at the point where the pirate bay promotes the promo bay which promotes the pirate bay so I guess if you use one chances are you use the other but whatever. I’ve said it a million times, if your music is out there its better than it not being out there straight up.

At the end of the day the only thing the promo bay impacts negatively is record companies so as long as that is true they will have to deal with A LOT of shit. As any pioneer this is natural but I think this type of indie promotion has the potential to become huge. Like I said imagine if YouTube did this, or Facebook, or hell even the front page of Google. Independent music could easily become the most ‘consumed’ music out there. I think we could be headed that direction and the promo bay is leading the way into this new era of independent promotion. (see what I did there)

Phillip Richard