Leading Music Distribution Platforms

Due to the rise of the various digital services in the world, several distribution platforms have made it tremendously easy for the artists to place their music on these digital services.

The music distribution services act as an aggregator between the artist and the digital services by giving the artists the opportunity to grow their fan base by making their music available digitally in the easiest way possible. Some of the leading music distribution platforms are The Orchard, Tune Core and CD Baby.

CD baby is a digital aggregator of independent music recordings and also acts as an online music store mainly focusing on sale of CD’s and music downloads from independent artists to customers. It distributes content to several online music retailers. On the other hand, Tune Core is an online music distribution service that offers the musicians or their right holders the opportunity to get their music into online music channels like Spotify, itunes, AmazonMP3 and many more.

Rates for CD Baby Tune Core
Album fee (music distribution) $49 $29.99 (1st year’s fee)

$49.99 (each following year after the 1st)

Single $12.95 $9.99/year
Commission 9% 0%

Tune Core pays out full amount to the artist. In the first quarter of 2014, Tune Core paid out 34.1 million to its artists.

The orchard is the leading music and film distribution company. The orchards pricing varies. They don’t have a fixed annual single/album pricing. These platforms give the artists the royalties and provide them with the weekly reports.