Artist Match Up of the Week: Broods vs. Say Lou Lou

This weeks artist both have something in common, and that is that both are made of up sibling duos.

First Up…


Sounds Like:  The XX , Ellie Goulding,CHVRCHES

Label: Unsigned



BROODS is a brand-new brother-sister duo from Auckland, New Zealand. Georgia and Caleb Nott have recently released their debut track,  “Bridges”. Georgia has a sweet vocal tone similar to that of Ellie Goulding and Caleb’s progressive production is definitely note worthy.

MTV’s Noteworthy Blog states:

“On “Bridges,” Georgia plays simple repetition to the band’s strength, breathlessly chanting variations of “Now I’m burning all the bridges/ Watching it go up in flames” throughout. The result is like some brilliant cross between CHVRCHES and Ellie Goulding — a mellowed-out take on Physical Therapy‘s “Drone On” featuring Jamie Krasner. Needless to say, we’ve already added “Bridges” to our “FALL JAMZ” playlist, and we recommend that you do the same.”

Check it Bridges Below:

Their sounds is definitely a kind of alternative pop with heavy synth based production.   Being from New Zealand they worked with producer Joel Little who recently produced Lorde’s debut Album  Pure Heroine.  They are pretty new and have limited information about them online but if this song is any indication of their talent I can see some good things in their future.

Like what you hear?  Check out their SoudCloud for a free download of Bridges

Next Up…

Name: Say Lou Lou

Label: Columbia

Sounds Like: HAIM, Lykke Li, Lorde



This twin sistter act hail from a Swedish-Australian background and have been creating some  buzz in the blogosphere over the last year with their  singles “Maybe You” and “Julian,” as well as their recent take on Tame Impala‘s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”   With their recent singing to Columbia Record the dua is prepping  their first major label EP called Better In The Dark on November 25.  Check out their music below.

They definitely have a dark melancholy vibe that matches well with their image. The songs are impeccably produced and showcase the duos effortless vocals.   The sound reminds me of a more pop sounding Lorde but with harmonies.


Both these sibling pairs definitely have a lot to offer and adapt current music trends and develop a unique sound.  I like the fact that Broods consists of a male and a female member opening up their audience a lot more.  On the other hand the twins in Say Lou Lou are both beautiful girls with good voices that sound well together.  With groups like HAIM rising in popularity there is definitely a market for Say Lou Lou but unfortunately I think they will be in direct competition with other prominent female acts like Katy Perry, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, etc. For that reason I think if I had to sign either it would be Broods.

What do you all think?  Who would you sign?


The following video is an example of a recent Adidas campaign that was launched to pay tribute to the GB Olympic team medallists in London 2012. With special dedication to Berklee Tangible Assets’ group members mates. Enjoy it!


In my opinion, Adidas seems to be more oriented to music than Nike does, the German company is indeed using music as a strategic branding tool in order to reach and engage with its audience. We could argue that Nike is already a well-established brand and perhaps does not need to do much effort in terms of looking for new consumers, but Adidas appear to be better connected with today’s society. Likewise, it has successfully adopted a kind of suburban and authentic image that is well appreciated by the public.

Artist partnership and event sponsorship:

On March 2011, Adidas launched its “All in” campaign. The pop icon Katy Perry and DJ Baby G were chosen new Adidas ambassadors. With such associations the brand aimed to target young music lovers as well as active women.

Here is the link:

Other artists appeared in a new spot launched in July 2012, under Adidas Originals label. Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, 2NE1 and Kids these days, together with the eccentric designer Jeremy Scott featured in such spot.

Here is the link:

Have a look at the new Christmas campaign in which Snoop Dogg remakes the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge. Again another example of artist and brand partnership.


And finally, check this out, Steve Aoki is also “all in”!


After watching such videos, I think it is quite obvious that Adidas is really making an important effort to integrate music into its brand personality and thus trying to be perceived as one of the coolest sports brands.

Furthermore, the company was also an official sponsor of Sonar 2012 edition.


NEO – How to target teen consumers:

A recent partnership with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has been a good strategy to launch NEO, the new Adidas’ label.

NEO is a new brand, new in concept and new in spirit that wants to be a referent within young consumers. From a brand marketing perspective Justin and Selena are a perfect global style icons, and due to their deep connections with fans via social media platforms they could attract valuable potential consumers.

Both Justin and Selena are also designing some NEO products and the young brand has become the new official sponsor of the Canadian singer’s Believe World Tour 2012/2013.

Activation events and direct to fan initiatives:

Additionally, since the brand knows how important is to create a total and unique experience, is now offering a bunch of new possibilities to their followers:

First of all, consumers had the opportunity to win tickets to an exclusive event that was held in London’s Scala nightclub on the 2nd of May, 2011.

Together with MTV the company was also recruiting people considered passionate about music to become an Adidas’ reporter.

And finally, surfers could also were given the opportunity to hang out with one of their favorite British artists, spending a day in the studio with Plan B, attending a secret gig with the Enemy, DJing with Caspa or getting Example round to their place.

There is no doubt that Adidas rocks!


Monica Manubens

Who Killed the M in MTV?

Replace that “M” with an “R” sometime soon.

I’m sure if I asked you all who remembered the glory days of MTV, I’d get a response along the line of “coming home after school (or work) to check out the artists that are currently popular, or if my favorites released any new music videos.”  If you would not give me an answer like that, then, well, points to you for using your time more wisely or using it to watch Dragon Ball Z instead.  If I asked anyone today under the age of 16 of what they’ll remember of their youth regarding MTV, their answer would be drastically different.  MTV has slowly taken its shift away from promoting artists and showcasing the artists’ lifestyles to subjectively odd reality television.  The smoking gun has been a missing item to the uninformed for years now.

To put this into perspective, lets backtrack a bit to an artist that didn’t quite follow the standards of “radio friendly,” in that they wouldn’t pass for listenable content in today’s mainstream audience: we’ll use rock artist Marilyn Manson, an artist known for his controversial and grotesque theatrics, as an easy example.

When Manson first started making music, he released three music videos from his debut album.  When he had his mainstream breakthrough in Antichrist Superstar, his second album, he released a total of seven music videos off that album.  If you thought that was a large number, his second album, Mechanical Animals had six music videos off of it.  It stretches further, as his Holy Wood album would release the same number of music videos, and his greatest hits album would spawn two more despite featuring older songs.  Each of these videos would hit MTV, garner an insane amount of views, and create amazing record sales for a controversial artist who had trouble playing live shows or getting airplay in certain areas.  Since then, however, he’s only released two to three videos per album, with one of each being a live concert music video.

The same goes for artists like Eminem, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine, and even pop acts like Britney Spears.  If you go on a by-year analysis, current pop artists such as Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga don’t even release music videos as fast as these artists did in their golden days, and most of these don’t even garner the majority of their views off of MTV.  It doesn’t have as much to do with the artist going out of style as you’d think.  So what was the cause of this, you ask?  The irate angsty young teenager would go “It’s all MTV’s fault.  If they still played music videos nowadays, there’d still be a reason to make music videos reach out to a bigger audience!”

Well, I’d say that’s a bit of a harsh response.  The truth of the matter is that everything in business can be changed by a single catalyst.  ONE shift can alter nearly every industry and the media, because everything in pop culture and its businesses feeds and buys off each other to survive.  I was going to explain it to you, but a terrific and hilarious video came out less than a week ago that I believe can explain it better than me.

The video will show you what has truly affected the business of showing music videos on television.

Yep, you heard it.  The combination of piracy and the rise of the internet has virtually destroyed any necessity in premiering music videos on MTV.  Sure, they still show them, but only in their dead hours between say, 12AM and 7AM when they don’t need to offer anything to a viewing audience.

A great point is raised though; why would you sit in front of your TV and wait for your music video to come on when you could just get the instant gratification by going on the internet and seeing it for yourself?  A decade ago, you had to subscribe to magazines, scour news articles, and listen to the radio to find out information on your favorite artists.  Now, if you so much as enter “One Direction” into your search bar, you’re peppered with hundreds of google pages, from Tumblrs to Twitters to Youtube videos to Facebook pages to iTunes to Spotify: the amount of things you can find out about a band at the click of a button is absolutely mind blowing.  Why would you sit in front of a TV when Youtube exists?

Illegal downloads have not only backed MTV into resorting to playing IQ dropping shows like Jersey Shore to recoup money, but they’ve also shattered the possibilites of making a good music video anymore.  Eminem’s videos were always a treat to see, or watching Ozzy Osbourne and his crazy antics composed into a music video were always creatively presented.  The budgets are too low to make anything as mindblowing as it once was before: something that is a shame as we now have the tech to make something really amazing.

I don’t think we’re getting old by seeing stuff like this, it’s just a matter of making room for the next era.  The “age of the internet” has caused many changes that we have to soon get very used to, or else we won’t be able to keep up in the business.  MTV is simply adapting by letting its “M” die out.  Would I want the old MTV back? Of course.  Is it practical? The answer today is “absolutely not. RIP.”  Sorry folks.