Music Video of The Week – Equilibre – Hocus Pocus ft. Oxmo Puccino

Production : On And On / Fadereight Films
Réalisation : 20Syl / David Couliau / Kévin Couliau

Music :

Hocus Pocus’ latest opus, ’16 Pièces’, is a major step up in terms of production for this band and this track showcases the blend of jazz and hip-hop that the group is so well-known for. Sylvain Richard, aka 20Syl, is truly a master of the MPC and music production and sampling have virtually no secrets for him. He is also an incredible lyricist who knows how to manipulate the French lexicon with finesse and creates puns smart enough to tickle the brains of the most pedantic members of the French Academy. In this track he pairs-up with another French master and poet : Oxmo Puccino. This guy’s diction and articulation give the French consonants a new voice and sonority. Together, they write about the human paradoxes that are present in all of the lifestyles that run in parallel on this planet. And how the ‘Equilibre’ (french for balance, equilibrium) is impossible to reach, no matter how much anyone writes, sings, or talks about it ; ‘Face au vent je ne fais pas le poids, ma plume n’a qu’une masse dérisoire’ – ‘Against the wind I don’t stand a chance, my quill only has a derisory mass’

Video :

The video for this song was shot in New York City. It is shot with beautiful cityscapes and backdrops of New York rooftops and seafront. Split screens sequences reveal some unusual and quirky street-signs that add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ of French vibe found in America. Around three minutes into the video, a little interlude shows 20Syl messing around on a MPC, playing around on a bass, looking for scratch samples on a turntable, and locks it all back into beat as the song resumes. If you want to see him make a beat from scratch and appreciate the talent of the man, watch this 8 minute video here.