The Industry from an Artist and their Manager’s Perspective Pt. 1: The Artist

Last friday at our weekly music business forum we were visited by Cindy Castillo an artist manager and founder of GIGnTIK an artist management company.  Joined by Miss Caffeina, one of the bands she currently manages they all had a lot of insight on how to be successful within the spanish music industry. This weeks post will focus on Miss Caffeina’s insight and next weeks post will be on their managers perspective. So let’s start with Miss Caffeina:


The band were very opinionated on how to succeed in the industry with the following quotes being a couple of standouts;

“Artists need to understand the business in order to success in Spain specifically.  They need to be interested in how the business works”

I found this very relevant but not only for Spanish artists, I think its a great thing for a band to understand the ins and outs of the way the industry works in their specific market in order to make the best out of their situation.   In the case of Miss Caffeina they are very involved in their business with one of the band members creating a adaptable tour budget that to track the bands revenue streams. I found that very commendable and think that artists should be as interested in their business as Miss Caffeina is.  Their manager Cindy Castillo even noted that the reason they have been so successful is because of the bands insight on the inner working of the industry.  We’ve seen recent stories where artist ended up suffering because of their lack of awareness in the industry, for example Rihanna and the recent revelation that she almost went broke in 2009 .  In relation to this topic the band also discussed how important it was for an artist to think of people in the industry as their enemies when first entering the music industry in order to ensure some type of success and security . Miss Caffeina talked about having their guards up so that people didn’t take advantage of them and that again I think is an important characteristic to have in order to be a successful artists in any industry. The band also went into detail about the way they maneuver between working both the commercial and the independent music markets present in Spain.  Specifying that they try to appeal to commercial radio while keeping an independent integrity when touring live.  I was a little skeptical and confused by how they leverage trying to work within both markets especially when they came across as more of a commercial band after hearing them perform a couple of their songs.  But this strategy seems to be working and in a market that is difficult to proposer in due to current economic and internal industry factors.

Check out some of the bands material below!