The Process of Making a Record… This is the boy Marcus.

…is multifarious, convoluted, sprawled, and disorganized among many other things. But it is not boring, it is not tedium, and it is not monotonous. We are in the last stages of the recording process for Miranda Inzunza’s upcoming EP, “Mercury in Retrograde”.

Its Crunchtime.

This is the boy Marcus.

My biggest task was to find an able and willing bassist, an experienced engineer, a drummer, and a place and time where all these individuals could agree to meet to help Miranda out. Please trust me when I say this, it is much easier said than done. Especially being a full time grad student, working on a business plan, producing my own EP, working on a social media plan, keeping my self sane…. yadayadayada… you get it.


Here’s a picture I took at the end of the session which lasted until 2AM.

Look at her, she’s a champ! Not one complaint or pout!  You can tell by these faces that the session went extremely well and we made a ton of progression.

Oh, by the way, that dude on the left goes by Jimmy and the guy in the right is the A69’s very own Daniel Toledo!  You could count on these people to give the people at Berklee Valencia a great record. Jimmy engineered the entire session incredibly and Daniel played the electric bass.

We also had our very own Carl Pires on drums, check him out after the drop.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Carl Pires. #Drummer #AandR #work

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I actually shot that video with a Nikon T3I, don’t ask me how I got it on Instagram. SHOUTOUTTHEHOMIEJAD for reminding me of the name of the camera. 

All in all, the A&R team here at A-side is doing the very best job we can to bring you THE PEOPLE some quality music. Rest assured,  we got this.


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