A&R this week – Record Label Practicum

For the past couple of weeks the member of the practicum have been communicating back and forth, in person and via e-mail, through instant messaging and by carrier pigeon – talk about innovative and motivated. The aim of this group discussion was to decide on which artists we were keen on collaborating with for the rest of the semester.

After reviewing 12 interviews – which were all brilliant by the way, and only made the process that much harder – we agreed on four talented individuals.

Avila Santo
Tess Tyler
Stephen McHale
Miranda Inzunza

These four names might be familiar to some, if they are not however, they are definitely about to because the marketing team is prepping some killer plans – but for now, shh.

The A&R teams have met up individually with the artists and also started working on plans and musical directions.
(Un)fortunately plans are synonymous with homework, which means that we need to remain proactive. The artists have to make sure they compile tracks for us to listen to and choose from, but in some cases the repertoire to choose from is quite extensive.

Meanwhile, Beatsmusic acquires TopSpin Media and saves them from what looked like a slow and painful demise. They are hoping to fuse the ultimate experience of music discovery, and data collection and analysis. Listeners can rest assured, their relentlessly uneducated choices on music discovery are made easier than ever before.

On a more musical side note, Animals as Leaders are releasing a new album ‘the Joy of Motion‘ on March 25th and it is shaping up to be monstrous! Here’s the single from this much anticipated release, it is entitled ‘Tooth and Claw’. The composition is phenomenal and the production is nothing short of that either.

Warner’s “Artist Arena” Fined

“Artist Arena”, an online based service for artist owned by Warner has recently found their selves in trouble with FTC. They settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $1 million dealing with charges that violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. This related to websites they operate for Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

Artist arena provides many services such as managing fan clubs, ticketing, and merchandise  just to name a few. The FTC fined them based off the violation of the COPPA rule. The COPPA  requires that website operators notify parents and obtain their consent before collecting and using any & all information gathered from children under 13.

Minors will always keep you in trouble! (Lol)

Artist Arena will pay $1 million for its civil penalty. They are also required to delete all info gathered by children under 13 .