Does Coldplay still have their “Magic”?  

Coldplay released their new single, ‘Magic’ in March, 2014.  Although the track, ‘Magic’ leads with an almost electronic groove, it sounds like vintage Coldplay. Being a Coldplay fan, I was hoping for an album, which sounded more like his previous albums, ‘Parachutes’, ‘A rush of Blood to the head’ or ‘Viva La Vida’ than songs, which are inclined towards the electronic side.

With their new album releasing on 19th May, 2014, Coldplay decided to do a 6-date trek around different countries during the summer. They came up with an interesting marketing strategy to engage their fans in this era of networking and social media with game using #hashtags. They decided to collaborate with libraries worldwide and in between the pages of books about ghost stories were kept copies of lyrics from their new album ‘ghost stories’. There were handwritten lyrics by Chris Martin of nine different songs from the album.

They encouraged their fans by giving hints to look for the lyrics and post the pictures on social media by using #lyricshunt and tweeting @coldplay. In fact, one set included a “Golden Ticket” for a free trip to see Coldplay at Royal Albert Hall on July 1. Very unique and interesting strategies to not only market themselves but keep the fans engaged by offering add-ons.

Nevertheless, looking forward to their new album. Check out the trailer here for Ghost Stories.