The British Invasion Continues: Jacob Collier

For years, British artists have been invading and inspiring American music.  It all started with the Beatles in the 60s.  From Adele, to Jessie J, to superstar Sam Smith, British musicians have proven time and time again that we Americans love their music like none other.  In comes Jacob Collier, a prodigal multi-instrumentalist whose Youtube videos are absolutely mind-blowing.

Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier


At only 20 years old, Jacob sings, plays piano, bass guitar, various synthesizers, electric guitar, drumset, and many many others with a musical maturity well beyond his years.  Taking heavy influences from jazz, as well as blues, funk, gospel, classical, and even hip hop, Jacob’s performance is definitely a very unique, and extremely listenable sound that he can call his own.  He’s gotten the support of huge faces in the industry such as Quincy Jones, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock, just to name a few.


Here are a few of videos.  Hopefully you groove and “stank face” as much as I do.


Elle Varner…”COLD CASE”

I’ve been rocking with R&B songstress Elle Varner since her first mixtape “Conversational Lush” and subsequently when she hit the scene with “Only Wanna Give It To You” from her debut album “Perfectly Imperfect,” which spawned her other mega hit “Refill.”


Elle is back on the scene with her new single “COLD CASE.” She sings about how beautiful love is at first until she has a feeling that her boyfriend is cheating on her..In the first verse she sings:

I got this case on my hands, that I can’t crack

But I been gathering all that I can

One of those things that I must understand, understand

Cuz you went and changed up on me, much too fast

Talk about lightening speed, lightening speed

But it ain’t no unsolvable mystery

I gotta get down to it

Check it out!!!

She describes the sound of her upcoming sophomore album entitled “LOVE” as “Trap Jazz”. If Trap Jazz sounds like this new banger that she cooked up, then obviously I’ve been missing out! The production by Pop & Oak on “COLD CASE” is insane! From the intro, to the change in the tempo, to the backbeat with the heavy bass, along with her hard hitting vocals..all make for a great combo! Her album has no release date yet, but I’ll be waiting for it!

This is most definitely a song for the ladies! I’m feeling Elle’s vibe this time around.  This song also has a sexier vibe and appears to explore a new sound for the songstress. What do you think..HOT or NOT??


Music Video of The Week – Equilibre – Hocus Pocus ft. Oxmo Puccino

Production : On And On / Fadereight Films
Réalisation : 20Syl / David Couliau / Kévin Couliau

Music :

Hocus Pocus’ latest opus, ’16 Pièces’, is a major step up in terms of production for this band and this track showcases the blend of jazz and hip-hop that the group is so well-known for. Sylvain Richard, aka 20Syl, is truly a master of the MPC and music production and sampling have virtually no secrets for him. He is also an incredible lyricist who knows how to manipulate the French lexicon with finesse and creates puns smart enough to tickle the brains of the most pedantic members of the French Academy. In this track he pairs-up with another French master and poet : Oxmo Puccino. This guy’s diction and articulation give the French consonants a new voice and sonority. Together, they write about the human paradoxes that are present in all of the lifestyles that run in parallel on this planet. And how the ‘Equilibre’ (french for balance, equilibrium) is impossible to reach, no matter how much anyone writes, sings, or talks about it ; ‘Face au vent je ne fais pas le poids, ma plume n’a qu’une masse dérisoire’ – ‘Against the wind I don’t stand a chance, my quill only has a derisory mass’

Video :

The video for this song was shot in New York City. It is shot with beautiful cityscapes and backdrops of New York rooftops and seafront. Split screens sequences reveal some unusual and quirky street-signs that add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ of French vibe found in America. Around three minutes into the video, a little interlude shows 20Syl messing around on a MPC, playing around on a bass, looking for scratch samples on a turntable, and locks it all back into beat as the song resumes. If you want to see him make a beat from scratch and appreciate the talent of the man, watch this 8 minute video here.

Snarky Puppy ft. Jayna Brown – I’ll Do Me – Family Dinner Volume One


Most of the music-savvy folks out there already know the name of Snarky Puppy. The band has pretty much become a benchmark in terms of jazz bands and they truly deserve the exposure. The individual level of proficiency that the members demonstrates can certainly account for that. All of their albums are recorded and filmed live, and the band director and composer, Michael League shows-off his genius on every occasion. This song, I’ll Do Me, is a blues tune. It’s not the usual style that Snarky usually performs in, they’re more of the big band type of register. But this whole album is more than just Snarky Puppy. Family Dinner volume 1 showcases talent from the MusicLab at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, VA. and plays arrangements of one of each guest’s songs; the result is phenomenal. Back to this song however. The tune was written by a 12 year old girl named Jayna Brown and boy can she sing. She belts it like she has had a lifetime of experience at singing blues. Gabriel Morales, a 15 year-old guitar student, also from the Jefferson Center, joins her and takes a solo that is all blues and taste. It is truly amazing to see two young musicians playing alongside others twice their age, and show an equal level of musicianship. It is also reassuring and comforts the idea that not all talented young musicians set themselves on a path to become the next Bieber or Cyrus and grow up to get in fights with paparazzis or do drugs on stage. But this is another battle.


The whole concept for this DVD stays true to the vibe Snarky usually sets for their live recordings and even brings it forward. The live setup usually consists of the 20+ piece-band playing in a circle around a reduced crowd of 25 (or so) people. This time the band is set on a stage, and the crowd is scattered around it and sat on living room sofas and comfy cushioned chairs. Half of this record was shot and recorded on the one evening. On the second evening, around 800 people were invited to attend the performance, recording, and video shoot session. The vibe that seeps out is that of a cosy evening at a local jazz bar, minus the gin & tonic. And the picture matches the quality of the music, it captures the atmosphere perfectly and complements it with slow pans and occasional close-ups of players pulling faces that evoke groove and concentration.

Definitely a band to check out if you haven’t already, and this encompasses the entirety of their music. They touch upon all styles of grooves and melodies, and have just enough jazz to get the undivided attention of most musicians without losing that of non-players who aren’t generally attracted to that type of music.

New App for Jazz Aficionados


A brand new app for Ipad was launched by Blue Note Records and developed by Grooveburg. This allows to keep jazz fans enjoying all the traditional standards from the past collections just for a affordable monthly fee of  $1.99. In addition they could share with friends their favourite songs creating group discussions and sending feedbacks. New tracks apart from an initial catalogue of thousand songs will be downloaded once they submit.

The main business idea has been provided thank’s to the partnership with Echo Nest and is the first to be commercially released through OpenEmi. Grooveburg will take care of designing and building stunning app, while Emi will provide licensing, distribution services. The president Don Was says that this is an incredible opportunity to create connections between label’s music and fans around the world.

The aim of the blogging is to propose new business models that can implement ways of communications between music listeners within a  certain nieche.