Artist Match Up of the Week: Cristallin Vs. Adam French

So both of this weeks artists come from a blog I follow called Hey Indie, a blog dedicated to promoting indie talent check it out by clicking here.

First Up…

Name: Cristallin

Sounds Like:  The XX , Bon Iver

Label: Independent



 Cristallin is a Switzerland-based producer and filmmaker seeking to capture his visual imaginations in a way that allows its nostalgic appeal to stay intact throughout the creative process of his EP.  Cristallin is part of a Record Label/Collective called The Brio Life which aims to create  memorable musical experiences through the power of visuals.  They want the listener to think of their music “visually, to translate each sonic element into that of visual auroras and nostalgia” and  “believe that people can find the deeper sounds in music and appreciate it for its full intention and value”.

Check out one of their projects with Google+

As for Cristallin, drawing upon his name that is French for reflection he described his sound as being influenced and inspired by visuals.  In relation to his first EP release Eon Cristallin said in an interview with Hey Indie “Rather than re-creating my emotions through forms of music videos after the EP is finished, the visuals were captured first, in which the four songs then acted as soundtracks during the second part of the project. By reversing the process of sonic and visual interaction, nostalgia can radiate in abundance. It’s an attempt for music to become permanently memorable, timeless, and last eons…”

Check out an example below with the single Lights.

You can definitely see how the visuals match the music, I think it a very interesting approach to creating music.   Cristallin reminds me of a more electronic and synth version of Bon Iver which is a great thing since Bon Iver is one of my favorite artists.

Listen to some of his other stuff on his Soundcloud here.

Next Up…

Name: Adam French

Age: 21

Label: Unsigned

Sounds Like: Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, Mumford & Sons



A Native to Northwestern England, Adam French classifies himself as a singer/songwriter and is currently on a local tour supporting his 6 song EP Like Everybody Does and new lead single Shivers.   Based on his facebook and various social media outlets French really keeps all his fans in the loop about everything occurring in his career which important when creating/developing a fan base.  He is the beginning stage of his career working hard to breakthrough and make an impact in the industry.  Check out his latest release below.


For more music also check out his Sound Cloud here, you won’t be disappointed.

He reminds me of Ed Sheeran but with a much more harder sound, which is definitely a good thing.  He is a good writer and knows how to emote while still producing a catchy song.


To be honest, at this point I really like both of the artists.  Once I heard they’re music I immediately added both of them to my spotify playlist. Both have clear directions and sounds, on one side you have a Cristallin with a cool sound and vision but maybe a little less commercially viable and on the other you have a very commercial artist who has struggled to make an impact.  I’m stuck on this one because the music is so good… can I just sing both?

What do you all think?

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And the winner is…


James Arthur was crowned as the X Factor 2012 winner last night after fighting off fierce competition from runner-up Jahmene Douglas and third placed Christopher Maloney.

After performing on Saturday night with his mentor Nicole, he stole the show with his rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on” and his winner’s single “Impossible” which was released by Shontelle in 2010. All profits from the single will be go to the charity, Together for Short Lives, which gives support to children with life threatening conditions.

After being announced as the winner, James was lost for words and praised his fellow contestant saying, “I think it’s just a blessing to share the stage with such a talent.”

To conclude, I have been blogging about talent shows, X Factor in particular and their ability to create lasting superstars. It is clear that these shows are declining in popularity and credibility. Although they do provide a platform to gain a huge amount of exposure and give talented artists a place to be spotted by various A&R people, ultimately they are entertainment shows. Novelty acts are needed to generate media buzz and encourage people to watch. Its no longer about finding the next biggest thing in music as much as it used to be but rather about entertaining the audience by including ridiculous acts, judges bickering and getting superstars to perform at result shows. Nevertheless, I am still a fan and will continue to watch these shows but I have to admit that X Factor this year lost me as a regular viewer.

To finish of here is James performing the winner’s single “Impossible” which is predicted as a 5 -1 favorite to be Christmas number one. I’m glad James won – he is unique and ready to sell records like now!

X Factor Finals Preview

x factor final 3


With the stage set for this weekend’s X Factor final, let’s preview the potential winners:

  • Christopher Maloney

He will be singing with his mentor Gary Barlow in the finals tonight. He has been criticised by the judges week after week and been receiving abuse through Twitter but all this has not stopped him from getting to the finals.

He was voted back into the show as a wild card by the voters which resulted in Gary giving him the title “The People’s Choice.” Clearly he is seeing how he has outlasted acts like Ella Henderson who was a favourite to win the show but was voted out a few weeks ago. In response to being voted onto the show, Chris said “The public chose me and have kept me in this competition from the beginning. The support and loyalty have been unbelievable.” I just think that having a mentor like Gary has been his saving grace in this competition.

He can come off a bit cheesy but he is definitely good at what he does. He may not have a “pop” career but he could definitely do something in theatre.

  • Jahmene Douglas

He has been one of my favorites from the beginning. He delivers outstanding vocal performances each week but he has been criticized for not managing to connect with the audience. He has a very shy personality which is often overshadowed by the other acts and it has been difficult for the audience to get to know him. This is probably the biggest challenge for him in terms of winning the show. We all know that the audience needs to feel some sort of attachment to the act if they are going to vote.

Nobody can deny that he has the best voice in the competition as he belts out ballads every week. He is similar to Leona Lewis with a great voice and quiet personality and even if he doesn’t win, he is going to go far.

  • James Arthur

He is another one of my favourites. James has been wowing the judges and audience week after week. Every time you think you’ve seen his best, he comes back the following week and delivers a performance better than the week before. He kind of has it all – looks, swag, unique voice, confidence, versatility and he can play the guitar!

James is the favourite to win this weekend’s final and he has 3 judges rooting for him. My prediction – James has this in the bag!

Have a look at the trailer for tonight’s X Factor final: