Hotline Bling On Top of The World

For the past week, the internet has been set ablaze with comments, critiques, and some incredible parodies of hip hop artist, Drake’s latest video for his single, “Hotline Bling”, which was released by Apple Music on October 19th. Even Mike Tyson couldn’t resist showing off his rather ‘colorful’ interpretation of the video.

But beyond the vines and buzzfeed lists lies a truly prolific result. Billboard reports that, “Drake is the top musical act in the U.S. on the Billboard 100 chart.” The chart is an aggregate of all of Billboard’s most significant charts. It factors in top 100 songs, album sales, and the social 50–the latter of which, purely denotes how much an artist is trending on social media channels. Among the composite that constitutes Drake’s position at the top of this chart includes digital song sales, up 43 percent, and social reaction (the Mike Tyson’s of the world), which has risen 78 percent.

Since the conception of his hip hop career, Drake’s antics have always put him in the limelight of internet banter. My initial supposition then, was this must aid his live sales. Naturally, facebook fangirls would kill to be able to put Drake snogging Madonna in their Snapstory. Or Drake remarking on his jewish upbringing on their instagram. A genius of marketing, I never thought this would actually transcend into actual music sales. I was wrong. “Hotline Bling” has already been downloaded 153,000 times according to Nielsen. And his mixtape, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, sold 495,000 copies in it’s first week!

To frame this in the context of my hip hop themed blogs, where many hip hop artists are struggling, Drake, who is at his core a rapper is making serious money on all fronts in the volatile 21st century music industry. He may be a source of many laughs across the great expanse of the internet, but Drake’s recent domination of the music industry as a whole is no joke. Watch the original “Hotline Bling” video below: