Arkon Fly

In August last year, the internet got a little funkier with the release of a killer song called “Through the Fire”. It came from a group called  Arkon Fly. Their name and location were the only two pieces of information available about them on the internet. Try not to move your head as you listen to this track and read the rest of this dope blog.

In October, they released another equally as catchy song called Back Seat and managed to get played on BBC Radio 1. Then in February this year they tweeted –


Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.03.42 pm

Suddenly their music was no where to be found on the internet. That was until Arkon Fly announced they had just signed to the XL Recordings subsidiary ‘Locked on Records’ which focuses predominantly on UK Garage and Grime.

This type of artist development and choices to remove all songs from the internet really interests me. I’d love to be in the room when the group found out the awesome news about Locked On.

Look out for the single ‘Back Seat’ that they will hopefully release soon.

Mannnn I Miss 90s R&B!!

90s cassette


Hands down, one of my favorite musical eras during my lifetime thus far is the 1990s!  During the 90s it seemed that R&B was truly at its prime!  The innovativeness is still unmatched.  This era gives me a feeling of nostalgia…it reminds me of great times! Everything about it just felt good! The music was a fusion of sounds including New Jack Swing, Hip Hop Soul, Neo Soul, Funk, and of course traditional Rhythm & Blues.

Artists could really sing, dance, write classics, and were musicians as well. The emotions that they were able to conjure up is priceless. They were multi-faceted artists and made timeless music!

Below check out a handful of my favorite 90s R&B songs!! Feel free to share some of yours as we take a walk down memory lane.


Sade’-Cherish The Day


Aaliyah—4 Page Letter


Mary J. Blige-Be Happy


Jodeci-Forever My Lady


Ghost Town DJ’s-My Boo


Montell Jordan-This Is How We Do It


Soul 4 Real-Candy Rain


Does anyone else miss the 90s?