**Artists to Watch in 2014**

Here’s my prediction for 2014…take a look at 5 different artists/bands that I believe will be successful in the next year.  Feel free to take a peep to see if you agree and to discover some new music to add to your ever-growing collection..Enjoy!

1.  Snarky Puppy
Snarky Puppy

  • The band features a collective of nearly 40 musicians, referred to as “The Fam” on their recordings and tours.
  •  Snarky Puppy was nominated for a Grammy Award in the “Best R&B Performance” category, with their cover of Lalah Hathaway’s song “Somethin”

Watch the video for “Somethin” below..

2.  Hiatus Kaiyote

  • From Melbourne, Australia
  • Nice blend of soul music with Jazz vocals
  • Currently nominated for a grammy for their song “Nakamarra”–listen to it below

3.  Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas

I absolutely love this artist! Her first album was amazing and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2014.

  • Her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? was awarded the title of iTunes Album of The Year 2012.
  • She was nominated for the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll
  • Listen to “Elusive” below (one of my favorite records from her debut album)–the video was released this year

4.  Gary Clark Jr.
Gary Clark Jr.

  • Influences:  Blues, jazz, soul, country, hip hop
  •  Clark’s musical trademarks are his extremely fuzzy guitar sound and smooth vocal style.
  • Currently nominated for a Grammy for “Please Come Home”

Listen to his live performance of “Please Come Home”

5.  Lorde


Lorde is only 17 years old and her debut album, Pure Heroine has received worldwide critical acclaim…

  • Lorde is nominated for a total of four Grammys, which include ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’ for “Royals” and ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ for Pure Heroine.
  • Her musical debut was an EP entitled, whicThe Love Clubh was released in November 2012
  • Her first single, “Royals”, debuted at number one on the New Zealand Top 40, and also reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013, making her the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one song in the United States.

Lorde’s video “Royals”

Music Video of The Week – Lianne La Havas – Elusive


This week’s pick is a British artist named Lianne La Havas. Originating from London, her sound has everything British about it, from her accent to the melodies and arrangement, it is all-round quality. Her music reminds me of the time I spent living in the U.K., which might mean I’m partial to her sound… The authenticity that comes with this kind of music has no equal and is bound to move even the coldest-hearted individual.
Our Marketing Professor, David Loscos, played this video during class to highlight the importance of conveying emotions when marketing a product and to be entirely honest, I don’t think he could have picked any better.
Her songwriting skills are quite impressive, I’m particularly moved by the lyrical work. She builds hooks that are personal enough that you can relate to them, without getting too specific, which kind of allows to get lost in your own interpretation of what she has to say. And this oh-so-sensual tone she sings in just confuses the life out of me, in the best way possible. It’s like listening to someone you’ve always been emotionally attached to for the first time – confusing, I know.


This video depicts a confusing emotional encounter between two individuals, Lianne and this ‘Elusive’ man. There’s a sensual dimension to the whole picture that is emphasised by the expressive dancing, the physical contact between characters and the close-up shot of Lianne singing with someone’s hands cupping her face. There’s also something about her whole physical presence that is just so delicate, fragile and enticing. Some of the shots reveal the subtlest lisp that is barely audible when she sings but adds yet another element of sensuality to the Lianne character. I think I’m in love. And with over 800,000 views, I doubt I’m the only one.