New App for Jazz Aficionados


A brand new app for Ipad was launched by Blue Note Records and developed by Grooveburg. This allows to keep jazz fans enjoying all the traditional standards from the past collections just for a affordable monthly fee of  $1.99. In addition they could share with friends their favourite songs creating group discussions and sending feedbacks. New tracks apart from an initial catalogue of thousand songs will be downloaded once they submit.

The main business idea has been provided thank’s to the partnership with Echo Nest and is the first to be commercially released through OpenEmi. Grooveburg will take care of designing and building stunning app, while Emi will provide licensing, distribution services. The president Don Was says that this is an incredible opportunity to create connections between label’s music and fans around the world.

The aim of the blogging is to propose new business models that can implement ways of communications between music listeners within a  certain nieche.