Back to the “oldies*” !


And so it seams I’m back to the oldies, my not-so-fan-of old Journalism!!!聽馃檪

So after readapting to our new structure at Disrupci贸n Records, I was somehow back into trying to write interesting stuff, information worth reading but having in mind possible keywords in the content, as well as our beloved links.

LoisLaneI spent 5 years in Madrid -fortunately one of them back in Rome!- studying a double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. Five years. I do like journalism and on top of it, good journalists. People like Ryszard Kapuscinskihave definitely been an inspiration at many different levels, but the degree -at least at my University- was a bit disappointing.

I’m sure that this fact influenced my decision to try and head for a slightly different path and walk away from my journalist days, but many years later it seams like I’m back to the 5 W’s and the inverted pyramid.

At Disrupci贸n Records, we’ve started to dig into the communication strategy we’re going to follow, and the first steps are writing one short press release about the launch of the label, another one about the launch / showcase event, and a longer one with information about our four artists. As well as this, we’re planning and gathering all the information in order to have electronic press kits ready for every artist, including photos and videos.

So I was in charge of drafting possible press releases, which will be shaped further on as more details – such as our website – are ready. My first move was to grab a piece of paper and a pencil, to start brainstorming… And the first thing that came to my head was obviously the inverted pyramid and the 5 W’s:

  • Who聽is it about?
  • What聽happened?
  • Where聽did it take place?
  • When聽did it take place?
  • Why聽did it happen?

The only problem I had was actually finding the words in spanish, for I don’t frequently write in spanish anymore… which hasJournalism is

motivated me to start carrying my little notebook around once again! After dealing with the headline (remember:聽<10 words / <70 characters), the well known lead or opening paragraph, and the body, I did some research on potential communication agencies that might be a good solution to distribute all our content to the media, and reach a broader audience.聽This was also useful as I was able to update myself on the situation of these platforms nowadays.

The marketing team at Disrupci贸n Records has also been working on finding and starting negotiations with potential venues for the launch event / gala we would like to do at the end of the semester.

brandjournalismThe website is still in the oven.. whereas the social media is already growing step by step! And regarding our estimated expenses, these are still being “estimated” in a very responsible way 馃槈







As always in Berklee College of Music’s Valencia Campus, weeks go by too quickly. This means we’ve got plenty of work to do and not that much time left. But it is always nice to go back in time, it helps you not forget what you’ve already learnt!

As always, I’ll close up with a related song ! ! !

Bob Ruzicka “Golden Oldie”

*Oldies: Radio format聽that concentrates on music from a period of about 15 to 55 years before the present day.

The Science of Adaptation鈥 Or Re 鈥 Adaptation !!!

Captura de pantalla 2014-03-21 a la(s) 12.26.55

Play. Stop. Rewind.

A lot can happen in a month鈥 Especially in a crucible of diversity, such as聽Berklee Valencia. So, first of all, forget about everything I mentioned on the first post. Phase 1 was adapting: making something suitable for a new use or purpose, adjusting to new conditions.

Adapt definition

Phase 2 is聽ReAdapting:聽making something suitable for a new use or purpose, adjusting to new conditions… Again!


Being so many of us, most of the times things established during previous meetings tend to vanish into thin air. Remember: breathe and readapt. The working structure at our label has also been readapted, dividing ourselves into teams or departments that try to move forwards towards our goal: “creating a聽bridge between the inventiveness of Berklee聽Valencia鈥檚 disrupting talent and music business world”, or so our Mission Statement says. So I’m once again working in the Marketing Team, getting used to the dynamic we’ve established and trying also to keep updated on what the other departments are working on.

I now understand that it’s probably going to be impossible to work on different tasks seeking new experiences, instead of staying in my comfort zone. So my motivation resides on working with students with whom I hadn’t worked before.


During the past weeks, we’ve been brainstorming a lot, and even if most of the ideas will probably not see the light, it is always fun to experiment surrounded by creative people. It’s more or less like a summer camp experience. We’ve been working on the image we seek, and how we want people to perceive聽Disrupci贸n Records.聽Among this, we’ve been trying to find a catchy and attractive logo, as well as planning a social media strategy and website budgets. Tyler has been essential as a designer, and he does not only have a really fine taste but is a great professional.

Other projects include planing a couple of events: a Name / Logo launch party and an end of semester gala, sort of showcase for the label artists.聽We have set up the official Disrupci贸n Records Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud in order to secure the names.

On the other hand, I’ve tried to go through the steps the Legal Department has taken, as I would like to also learn about different aspects I might not be familiar with.

All this being said, once again the conclusion I reach is that we are animals, and as animals do, we need to adapt and readapt.. just like them!