Does Coldplay still have their “Magic”?  

Coldplay released their new single, ‘Magic’ in March, 2014.  Although the track, ‘Magic’ leads with an almost electronic groove, it sounds like vintage Coldplay. Being a Coldplay fan, I was hoping for an album, which sounded more like his previous albums, ‘Parachutes’, ‘A rush of Blood to the head’ or ‘Viva La Vida’ than songs, which are inclined towards the electronic side.

With their new album releasing on 19th May, 2014, Coldplay decided to do a 6-date trek around different countries during the summer. They came up with an interesting marketing strategy to engage their fans in this era of networking and social media with game using #hashtags. They decided to collaborate with libraries worldwide and in between the pages of books about ghost stories were kept copies of lyrics from their new album ‘ghost stories’. There were handwritten lyrics by Chris Martin of nine different songs from the album.

They encouraged their fans by giving hints to look for the lyrics and post the pictures on social media by using #lyricshunt and tweeting @coldplay. In fact, one set included a “Golden Ticket” for a free trip to see Coldplay at Royal Albert Hall on July 1. Very unique and interesting strategies to not only market themselves but keep the fans engaged by offering add-ons.

Nevertheless, looking forward to their new album. Check out the trailer here for Ghost Stories.


Windows and Other Transparent Ideas

What could these two albums possibly have in common?

Ever heard of “Windowing”? Yeah it’s this cool new thing some signed artists are doing that lets them feel like they have some control over the business aspect of their music.

Basically these artists figure that delaying the release of their music on streaming services like Spotify and what’s that other one again? Oh yeah; Rhapsody, will lead to increased downloads on online stores like iTunes. There is not any evidence that this is true really, and if anything an artist that isn’t already a filthy rich millionaire probably just wants their music as available as possible, but anyways in my humble opinion I think the whole idea is another crap way to play around with the industry cause we’re bored with it.

All I mean is that the general population will not substitute a streaming service for an iTunes download. They will substitute it for a listen on YouTube, or Grooveshark, or a download from a BitTorrent site. It has been like 13 years since Napster and people still have not seemed to figure this out.

Another good point brought up by Ken Parks CCO of Spotify out of New York is that the people that are paying for Spotify are kind of getting ripped off with a late release and the last thing you want to do is rip off your fans. I’m not a fan of the bastard after hearing him speak at Rethink in Boston, MA. last August but he does make a good point here.

On the other hand the Track Record for artists doing this is pretty impressive so who knows, it might be valid. I’d like to think the general public isn’t so easily pushed into a market but who knows. People like Paul McCartney, Adele, Coldplay, Deadmau5, and The Black Keys are all taking part in this idea. And Adele and Coldplay had 2 of the top 5 selling albums this year.

I say get the music to your fans in every way you can. If it brings in any income then it’s only a bonus. The real money is in live music and merch anyways.

Phillip Richard


I want to know what you people think of Windowing. Do you think that delaying the release of music on streaming services can help significantly increase the total number of downloads? Take into consideration the different levels of fame an artist has because that definitely plays a factor. But yeah comment and share your thoughts.

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