The control over the artists = failure

Young Buck’s record label is in financial trouble for the main reason of not differentiating its business. The bargaining power of a single agency controlling management, booking , business management side, has provided such a failure converted in bankrupt and unpaid loans. All that is necessary to avoid, is when this concentration implies the control of income and connections. Provided that is not easy for just one person to cover all these responsabilities, however it’s worth to understand that each intermediar takes care of different interests. For example  the manager’s aim is to undertake a long term relationship with the artist while the agent’s objective is to get as many gigs paid as possible. Well the monopoly of these different roles and responasibilities is definitively a cause of many problems as in the example of Young Buck. Especially when also the financial side is controlled by the business manager and there is only one agency that manage these different functions, this could be really dangerous for the company sustainability.  For this reason the artist, before choosing them,  should know very well the key players that will manage his career, and the agencies need to act independently from one another, this for avoiding mistakes. Maybe is suggested that at least for recording, the artist invests a certain sum of money independently, while the most important thing is to work with people that really feel involved in his project and that believe in negotiation with respect of the interests related to each party. We can conclude saying that the business diversification is essential for avoiding any bad consequence for your own career. This means that every agency needs to do their own job without overlapping.