Religion, an extra support to reach stardom

There seems to be a very strong correlation between success and belief. This belief can take many forms. Some people refer to it as religion, others as positive thinking, or in the case of many artists, being egocentric. And this is good for an artist that wants to make it big. If you want to reach very high, you have to accept that you might fall from very high. The more successful you get, the more savage the criticism becomes. If you’re big deal, you will get haters no matter how good you are. The real question is : do you believe you deserve to be big?

I read an interesting article written by a journalist that interviewed many celebrities where he explains how religion has helped many artists to succeed. In his interview with Lady Gaga, apparently she mentioned that “a higher power has been watching out for me”. This journalist explains that overall, the vision of many celebrities is the following : “God wanted me to be famous, that this was his plan for me, just as it was his plan for the rest of us not to be famous”. This kind of thinking makes you almost invulnerable when people try to take you down. He also says that many equally talented artists but slightly less famous have felt their success was accidental rather than meant to be.

Believing in god won’t necessarily make you succeed but it will very likely increase your chances of reaching your goals and help you when difficult situations arise. During the times when you get criticized and booed, it’s easier to stick to your vision if you have in mind that god sent you to earth with the mission to spread your message.