Countdown Top 9 Hip Hop Entrepreneurs of 2012: #6 DRAKE (RE-UPLOADED!)

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The purpose of this blog is to inform the class of America’s “Top 9 Hip Hop Entrepreneurs of 2012” and the various business ventures in different industries that contributed to their individual successes.

(RE-UPLOADED!) Countdown Top 9 Hip Hop Entrepreneurs of 2012: #6 DRAKE

Name: Aubrey Drake Graham

Stage Name(s): Drake

Age: 26

Forbes Hip Hop’s Top Earners List: #6 of 9

How Much??? $20.5 Million

Drake is a very unique case. Unlike the other artists who ventured out into other industries to increase their revenue streams, he earned most of his income purely through touring and selling records in the music industry this year.

The few endeavors outside of the music industry:

  1. Sprite endorsement. Sprite wanted to have a campaign where teens had a platform where they can express their creativity through music and film and chose Drake to be the face of the “The Spark” project:
  2. Kodak sponsorship deal with Drake with “Drake So Kodak” campaigns to sell their new camera product. Here is a clip of a “personal” commercial directly to his fans:
  3. Featured on NBA 2K12 video game commercial by 2K Sports (he was actually featured on the soundtrack for NBA 2K11). Here is the link to the commercial: . He actually reps the Miami Heat, which I’m not very fond of (Lakers!).

But the main source of his income comes from touring. More specifically, his Club Paradise tour, which was the most successful hip hop tour of 2012, grossed over $42 million dollars. It consisted of 60 shows all over the North America and Europe. Link:

In addition to his touring success, his 2011 CD album “Take Care” was the 9th  most sold albums in 2012 according to Neilson (, selling over 500,000 copies mid year of 2012.

It’s always great to see an artist profiting from music-related sales, especially in this digital age/pirating music industry.

Drake is the 6th most influential and successful hip hop entrepreneur in 2012.

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 By: Aaron Kim (Duke)

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