AFRICAN MUSIC #2: Soukus from Africa


There is a strong connection between Cuba and Africa, and Soukus is the way we can dig more into the history of music between these two regions.This particular kind of dance music was generated in the Belgian Congo in Africa around the 1940´s and spread though surrounding countries till today. Cuban music was playing in African radio stations. The style is also referred to as “rumba”. And from the french roots, the original word secousse means ” to shake”. 

Great model figures for this genre, Franco Lumbao and Grand Kalle influenced many new musicians in the decades of the 60´s and the 70´s in Africa. Later on, soukus became faster while rock and roll made its way in musicians mind!

In the 80´s, there was a name for soukus and it began to develop while the music was exported to  the UK and Paris. It´s been 30 years since that, so the question is, how can we build today a brand for musicians like these that have a unique african sound? How can we build a win win strategy so that they actually make a living out of their music? Keep on reading next posts to know more about these amazing non traditional artists.