The Zoo

Childhood stardom has always been a tricky topic. Its undeniable that there is so much young talent in the world and that many if not most young people want to be a star in their own right.

Our general industry (Music/ entertainment) is also notorious for finding and exploiting much of the young talent and creating super performing machines out of them, all the while (sometimes not so) secretly screwing them out of rights and a ton of money without them even knowing.

Dutch Big-Room House DJ Superstar Martin Garrix is a prime, current example of this situation. He has just announced his split from one of the biggest labels in Electronic Dance Music, Spinnin Records. This is the same 17 year old phenom the world was freaking out about two summers ago for the mega hit “Animals”.

Earlier this year, Garrix announced his split from Spinnin and, now-former, manager Eelko Van Kooten of MusicAllStars and has taken the two to court. He is claiming that the label has refused to grant him the rights to his own music, and even after acknowledging his request, has failed to do so. He’s also claiming that Van Kooten had given him “false and misleading information”.

While as unfortunate of a situation for the young star as this is, it is not particularly surprising, as Garrix had had little to no major music industry experience prior to “Animals”.

My personal take on the situation is that, while it is unfortunate for the young DJ, it is not surprising in the slightest, as Spinnin is an incredibly powerful, money making machine in the EDM world. It will likely be a while before Garrix gets to see the money that he is owed. He is obviously not the first, and is, unfortunately, certainly not the last.

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