Bald And Grey But Still Rocking

Throughout the semester, I have had the pleasure of helping to manage and advise Rick Treffers. Rick is the lead singer and creative force behind MIST. Check out his latest music video here

Rick is in his late 40’s and has never had any hit songs or major label deals. Nevertheless, he has managed to pay his rent and feed himself throughout his career as an artist. The key for him has been his songwriting catalogue. The majority of his income now comes from publishing royalties.

Over the years Rick’s music has been used in many TV shows and movies. Here is an example of his song Heart Surgery being used in the German Crime series Tatort.

Rick owns both the publishing and masters of his music which means you only need his permission to license a MIST song. In contrast to Rick, a song with multiples songwriters, publishers and a label might need 10 different licenses. That takes too long for music supervisors who often work on short deadlines.

Rick doesn’t look like a typical indie rock star anymore. For starters, he is bald and grey. However, Rick’s career will continue to flourish while many younger and better looking rockers will abandon their dreams. The key for Rick is a catalogue of songs that don’t discriminate based on appearance or age.

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