Bogus Lawsuit Filed Against Taylor Swift

R&B singer Jesse Braham is currently planning a lawsuit against Taylor Swift for a whopping 42 million dollars in copyright infringement for a song written by himself.

“”Her hook is the same hook as mine,” he said, claiming Swift uses it about 72 times in her song. “If I didn’t write the song Haters Gone Hate, there wouldn’t be a song calledShake It Off.’ “”(USA Today)

Braham claims he wrote to Taylor’s representatives and got blown off. He demanded recognition as a writer of Swift’s song as well as a selfie with the singer herself. When he was ignored, he sued on October 28th, from Los Angeles. The lawsuit claims he is representing himself, without a lawyer. All ‘evidence’ provided is handwritten and not notarized by a lawyer.

Braham also claims he is also pursuing a lawsuit against CNN for their morning program called New Day, which infringes against his non-denominational church called New Day Worldwide.

Neither CNN Nor Taylor Swifts representatives have responded for comment. Most media outlets are presenting both lawsuits as absolutely ridiculous and won’t hold in court. This is an example of people taking advantage of the legal system for their own benefit and extorting money out of people for their own work.

Below are both songs for comparison:

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