Keep It Sexy

Keeping up with the electronic music theme, Israeli DJ and producer Borgore has just recently dropped a massive new EP entitled “Keep It Sexy”. The new record features stadium sized collaborations with artists such as G-Eazy, GETTER, Styles & Complete. The record was released on his Los Angeles based label/ imprint, Buygore Records.

The mini record is complete with three new music videos for the tunes “Forbes”, “Squad” and “Wanna Do” (links below).

Forbes has seen multimillion play success in its first month of being out across streaming platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud, and broke into the top 20 for iTunes Dance, and even gained Wall Streets attention and congratulatory approval.

As far as pertaining to the ghost production theme of the previous two entries, there has been some web based controversy as to whether or not Borgore has produced all of his own music, as well as even performed some of his own shows. These accusations are false.

There is constant controversy over Asaf’s lyrical content. He has been labeled the “Most Hated Man in EDM” objectifying and a misogynist. It’s certainly easy to jump to that conclusion based on his videos and lyrical content, as they are mostly about women, sex and alcohol abuse, however there are more to the man and label than just that. They are all professionals, goal oriented and good people.

Molly Hankins recounts her time while working for the imprint and outlines how much of a professional Asaf actually is, and how his image and brand are often misconstrued in her article “What its Like Being A Feminist and Working for Borgore”.

I personally think the Keep It Sexy EP rocks, as it is playful, fun and the sound design in his drops is absolutely disgusting (of course in the very best way possible) and I hope that it sees similar billboard support to his 2013 single with Miley Cyrus, “Decisions”. (

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