Post-Hardcore Covers: A New Spin on an Old Promotion Technique?

Post-Hardcore is a genre that is a derivative of the hardcore punk movement back in the 1980’s; it is usually comprised of: fast tempos, distorted guitars, and double bass peddle oriented drums. Although this genre has had a cult following over the years, it has not truly become “mainstream” until later 2010’s with albums such as Feel by Sleeping With Sirens, and Collide With the Sky by Pierce the Veil. With such commercial success there have been an influx of bands that are not only inspired by but also are attempting to capture some of the same success, and as such there has been an ever increasing similarity between bands. Now this is to no fault of the bands, this is just the nature of having a saturation of the genre; however, these bands must ask themselves how they may separate themselves and make their music unique and innovative.

The band Our Last Night has been able to capture this through the very well produced covers of popular, non-Hardcore, songs. Through these covers, and posting them on YouTube, this band is able to not only get their particular sound and style to the masses, but also capture potential fans that are searching for covers of these songs. Their YouTube Channel currently has ~500,000 subscribers, with 9/10 of their most played songs being covers; these covers dwarf the views of their originals with the the most viewed of ~10,000,000 views versus their most viewed original of ~4,400,000.

This however isn’t a singularity in the music industry, with the exponentially increasing number of people using digital platforms the sheer amount of exposure that people are subjected to, bands are having to adapt and change in order to capture this audience; from pop to metal, the cover is a powerful tool that an artist can use in order to gain a fanbase via these covers and then transform them into fans of the original compilations. Bands that do covers are always walking a fine line where they want to gain exposure but at the same time not have their originals overshadowed by these covers. Our Last Night is just one of many bands in the Hardcore genre that do covers, in fact there is a whole album series based off of this concept (which I will discuss in my next post), but does this hinder a bands ability to strive to create their own songs due to the success of covering popular songs, or is this simply another tool in an arsenal of ways in order to reach out to a mass audience?

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