Tom Ford Boycotts Runway Show & Releases Music Video Staring Lady Gaga

Tom Ford SS16 Lady Gaga

Once again, a powerhouse in the fashion community proves the importance of music in the fashion space. Tom Ford has shocked the world by ditching the traditional runway show format at Paris Fashion Week, replacing it with a music video staring Lady Gaga. Born through a collaboration with the incredible Nile Rogers, the music video features a special cover of the 1979 disco classic “I Want Your Love” by the band Chic and serves as the fashion show for the SS 2016 Tom Ford collection.

Tom Ford is no stranger to challenging the traditional show at Fashion Week, but this release still has us thinking about his motivation for creating a music video to present his new line. As Ford described on his website:

“Instead of having a traditional show this season, I wanted to think about how to present a collection in a cinematic way that was designed from its inception to be presented online,” said Ford on his official website. “I have always loved Soul Train, which used to be on TV in the ’70s, as it was as much about the clothes as the music. I asked Nile Rodgers to collaborate on a new version of one of his great hits from that time and worked with Gaga to record the vocals.”


I personally think it this video is a brilliant idea. Partially because I love disco, and partially because it uses music to create a story about the clothes. The disruption of the digital movement in the entertainment industry is requiring its members to innovate, and by creating this music video Tom Ford has opened a new door for innovative music and fashion collaborations to be accessible to the masses. Utilizing music influencers and icons, this video opens up the high fashion show experience to music lovers who may not be into fashion as well as anyone who has a smart phone or access to YouTube.

I’m curious to see what else Tom Ford has up his sleeve in regards to music collaborations for future projects and if this video will inspire other designers to use music to create innovative ways to promote their fashion lines.


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