Good For Ü

In my last post, I talked about the never-ending debate that is ghost production.

This week, two of the most famous and active producers in the world, Skrillex & Diplo, have just achieved the RIAA double-platinum status with their hit “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber. This is monumental. Forbes magazine analytics report that not a single album reached platinum status in 2014. The last artist to be so celebrated and move that many units was Adele, when she got her G&P certification in May, however it was for her record 21 which was released in 2011.

While there are other artists who have certainly released records that have achieved multiplatinum sales (Lady Gaga – Just Dance, Justin Bieber – Never Say Never , Kid Rock – Born Free), upon closer investigation, these records have been released years prior and have been cooking up awards ever since.

Where Are Ü Now came out in 2015.

I personally find this accomplishment a massive step for electronic music. The entire Jack Ü record did fantastic in terms of general popularity and sales. This is not Skrillex’s first platinum award, as Scary Monsters as an album hit platinum, and the single went double, however, the rate at which Where Are Ü Now was accepted by the masses was amazing.

This record was a major power move from both Skrillex and Diplo for incorporating so many pop icons in one place, and releasing a dance record with so much immediate weight (the record features Bieber, Missy Elliot, 2Chainz and more). And not one tune on it was ghost written by Maarten Vorwerk.

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