Bad Boy’s Gone Epic

Bad Boy Entertainment is P Diddy. The hip hop artist turned business mogul began the label in 1993 after his firing as an A&R at Uptown Records. Following a platinum release of Craig Mack’s, “Project Funk The World,” Diddy’s career changed forever when the label released another burgeoning talent’s debut album, Notorious B.I.G, whose “Ready to Die” redefined the genre as a whole. Despite the 1997 murder of Biggie, fast forward 20 years, and Bad Boy is still kicking–continuing to make waves in hip hop.

Over the past two decades, Bad Boy has spent time as a subsidiary of major’s Universal and Warner records.  Meet Epic Records, at whose helm music industry legend and frequent Diddy collaborator, L.A. Reid, proudly sits. On October 5th, Epic, which sits under the massive umbrella of Sony Records, officially signed a deal to make Bad Boy part of its music industry empire. The label will provide a range of services for Bad Boy artists including promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution.*


If Reid and Diddy’s prior relationship is any representation of the strength of the partnership to come, the future of Bad Boy looks promising. Reid recently released a statement regarding the deal, in which he discusses his relationship with Diddy: “Over the years, we not only enjoyed incredible success together, but we also became lifelong friends.” In Diddy’s analagous statement, he reciprocates the sentiment: “I have known L.A. Reid since the very beginning and together we have enjoyed countless successes over our long friendship.”

Considering the climate of the modern day music industry, the question that must be asked is, can this be a sustainable relationship? And will the deal between the two labels actually serve to bolster the businesses of either? One thing is for sure. If Diddy can find another artist with the ability to sell 10 million albums like Biggie’s, “Life After Death” did, Bad Boy will once again be something epic.*

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