Consumption By The Song

In today’s music market we are highly susceptible to only consuming music by the singles; starting from iTunes to now Spotify, most people do not sit down and listen to an album from start to end. Despite how I personally do not like this new trend of music consumption, I do understand the appeal of only listening to the one or two best songs of an album and moving on to the next artist or playlist. But what do we lose when we focus on the song versus the album in its entirety; will we never have a life changing experience while listening to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, or will this focus on single songs have artists not impact the integrity of an album because artists are trying to make a compilation of great singles in one album? Personally I believe that this disjunctive approach to an album will result in a loss of a certain appeal and creative outlet, such as the concept album.


Adestria is a San Diego founded band that made a huge impact with their full-length debut album Chapters (2012). This album not only combined the eclectic talents of each individual member, but it also goes one step further and infuses literature with Hardcore music. This album takes famous literary pieces from the past, such as: Outsiders, The Odyssey, Scarlett Letter, etc. and offers their own rendition of these works in a passionate format. This album is comprised of both heavy rifts and hauntingly melodic verses, with each song being able to stand on its own, while also creating a whole new experience by being put into a concept album format.

This album made me want to go and read these different pieces of literature just so that I could further understand the emotion and intellect that was used in order to create this album, and this wouldn’t have been the case if I just listened to one of the songs on their own. We do miss out on a different experience and lose an aspect to music that should be preserved; the stories, or the way that each song can accent each other and portray a new meta message is simply to important to let go. There is nothing wrong with listening to music by the singles, but I do think that it is important to understand that there will be ramifications and a loss of an experience; however, with bands like Adestria and albums like Chapters there is still a chance that people will see the validity in listening to complete albums.

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