Ghost Producers n’ Stuff

(Written 09/27/2015)

Ghost production is typically a touchy, emotionally driven, and often argumentative subject between fans, aspiring producers/ DJs and industry professionals. Many fans and aspiring producers/DJs tend to take the side against ghost production and producers, as they (the fans) believe that DJs should play their own music, created by themselves at their performances. Contrasting that opinion, however, is the reality of the music industry, which is that a producer’s job is to be a producer, regardless of their genre.

Maarten Vorwerk is perhaps one of the most notable ghost producers, having written for names such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Quintino, and numerous other Beatport Chart-topping, festival-headlining acts. Many people are quick to criticize the artists as they are not creating their own work, but rather piggybacking off of someone else, then claiming fame from work they didn’t do.

In a recent tell-all interview with Wonderland in Rave, Vorwerk explains how he is content working as a producer, rather than a festival headliner (but don’t forget to vote for him on the DJMag top 100!):

Personally, I see no difference between ghost producing for another electronic artist and producing a pop track for Rihanna or Beyonce. While sometimes there is an NDA involved with dance music to keep things hush-hush, I find the principle to be the same: artist needs beat -> producer gets paid to make beat -> artist performs song. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Here are some more links to Maarten Vorwerk’s music.

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