SESAC Acquires Harry Fox

I am really impressed with SESAC. Their acquisition of Harry Fox is a brilliant and strategical move. SESAC is currently the 3rd largest PRO in the USA but will now be in a much more powerful position by owning Harry Fox who are the largest mechanical rights organization. New methods of consuming music like streaming require complex licenses. With all the new technologies and possibilities for new ventures, the ability to quickly license music will be pivotal. SESAC will make it much simpler to get access to all the necessary rights in one place.

This brilliant acquisition comes after an equally great one last year when SESAC acquired Rumblefish. Rumblefish is one of the leading services for micro-licensing for small youtube videos and other digital media. As an independent musician, micro licensing has become one of the best ways for me to earn money and distribute my music. SESAC is looking to the future and making all the right moves. Kudos to them!

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