“Apple Music” on its way to success!

Right from its advent in June 2015, Apple Music has proved to be one of the best things that have happened in the music market. That they have provided a free service for the first three months i.e. till October, it has helped in pulling in a lot of consumers of music. The fact that the users have to pay and make use of this service from the next month should not be a problem as there is a lesser risk of people unsubscribing to it.

As per statistics, it is known that there are about 15 million subscribers to Apple Music and the figures may stretch. Usually, services like these become strong only after months of its existence in the market. It has been estimated that if there are more than 7 million subscribers to the service, it is bound to be doing well. The service allows its users to select music, which they can play on any device, which they play via Internet streaming and can also be played offline. This service is similar to other music streaming services but it is the added features that give it a boost over other services.

A music service is not considered to be good enough if it doesn’t have a good music catalog. Both Apple music and Spotify go hand in hand with services almost similar to each other. Apple Music claims to get songs from unsigned artists who can publish their songs through this service. There is no doubt that Spotify is doing a very good job in offering music that satisfy us but there is a possibility that Apple Music might have more content from individual artists when the heat picks up.

I think the feature “connect” is really good as the artists get to share content with their fans and the content will be exclusively for the users of connect. Song recommendations done through the siri voice commands are also acceptable and the various other tabs are quite useful in the service.

Apple Music may cater to a much wider market with the marketing activities going on in full swing.They are spending huge amounts of money on television advertisements as well as broadcasting them in major events to widen the reach. It is also been said that the iPhone 6s will have this feature pre loaded. The latest video of Apple Music starring Kerry Washington, Taraji P.Henson Mary Blige is much talked about after it was aired at the Emmy Awards. If the service has more number of users within few months, then it will eventually lead to its success.


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